Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day of Quilting With Mt. St. Helen's Group

Last night I received a text that said, "CHEETO IS ALIVE!" That made my day, even got a photo of Cheeto on my phone. I'm guessing the other cat from yesterday belongs to our back yard neighbors, who have 4 cats. I hope they were able to save the cat, but it kills me to think a drive would speed up to run an animal over! Ugh.

I finished up what I didn't finish yesterday on the basted parts. So far it's coming along great. I'm going to put another firecracker in the middle, then I can add the leaf that goes there. Once those are done, I need to do the flower stems as well. Then I can think about how I'm going to put the star in, as well as what color I want the star to be. I may use some of the QOV fabric in there.

I finished appliqueing the bird body. Now I'm getting ready to put the feathers on. I also have a white head that will be on next. I will applique the rod and feathers next.

I finished up the red flower, and will work on the leaves. I basted the body on after I appliqued the beak on. Once the body is appliqued I will be doing the rod on this one as well. Again, these patterns are Jeannie Austin patterns. I love her designs and they are so easy to work on. She makes them simple without being complicated. I can't wait to see what I'm going to do next. But that will be later, since I will take a small break and work on my basket blocks, then get back to these. I hope to finish the block on top before I start another eagle block.

This is what I found when I got home! This is Cheeto!

This photo doesn't show it, but Charlie is under the swing on the left side. I couldn't believe I wound up with two cats on my deck when Charlie usually would rather have the deck to herself. Thank God Cheeto is okay.

This is what one can't see in the photo above.

Okay, I'm getting more done and happy with the results. I'm enjoying the applique, but getting antsy to get back to quilting on the quilt downstairs and Phllip's quilt. I can wait. With this heat, I can wait.

I'm thinking no one wants my "tails" of solid fabrics. I did get one comment so far. I hope to be working on the 9 patches tomorrow and will be adding more colors to this pile of "tails." So far there is one person wanting my "tails." At least they will be going to a quilt who uses scraps.  The colors are prettier than that photo shows.

May we all be Happy Quilting!


I am giving away my “tails” of my 100% cotton solid fabrics. They are 2 ½” x at least 4” long and longer. This is good cotton solid fabrics. (I don’t buy cheap) If you would like to have the solid pieces, comment below. If you come back every day, leave a comment that you would like the scrap tails. I will be adding more to them till July 25, 2015 when I will pick a winner. Good Luck. I may even add a gift for taking them. J Enjoy!

This is what I have to give away. No quilter likes to throw away fabrics! lol 

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