Sunday, July 26, 2015

Enjoying the Day of Sewing

Today we decided to enjoy the day at home. That made my day! So, I went downstairs and pulled out some fabric for another set of table mats. I found a scrap fabric that I thought would work great in the middle of the mats.

I decided I wanted 6 mats, and started cutting the strips. I was able to get this far in about 3 hours. Patrick wanted to go to Red Lobster for supper, which is down in Longview. I noticed I was running short of the colors in this mat, so I asked for Patrick's help. Poor guy had no idea what I was doing. Anyway, he help me pick a couple more colors and I will be putting them on tomorrow. This way takes longer than the strips did. I had to take out two mats, because I was sewing them "backwards." I did end up sewing them from the left side of the foot instead of the right. Good thing I'm left handed, it worked out find. I just didn't want to take out what I put in on the first two strips (x6).

I love Glads! This one is starting to go bad, but I love the color. We had a lot of them at one time, but they keep dying on us from time to time.

After dinner with my folks, I decided to go out and take photos while mom and dad where checking out Patrick's garden.

Because of the hot weather, some of our plants aren't doing as good as they usually do. We've been saving on water, so some of the plants are paying for it.

Even the hanging baskets aren't doing so well. We are keeping them up, but it's getting harder to keep them alive.

At least the grapes are doing great!

They aren't ready yet, but they are doing good. Patrick will have his grape juice concentrate.

Our apple tree is doing great as well. Our pear tree has a disease and needs to be sprayed. So, we won't be getting pears this year.

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with my son, then going to physical therapy. Won't be at moms till after that. I need to get some buttons from her. I gave her two of my fabric catchers. One small and one larger size. I'm going to make more tomorrow. Then I need to get back to working on my applique.

I have still been working on the binding of the QOV quilt. I have it half done. I will try to get it done tonight, but chances are it will be tomorrow. I'm enjoying being Happy Quilting!

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