Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Surprisingly Enjoyable Day

Today - to my surprise - was enjoyable. I did my usual of walking and cribbage. Won two games by the way.

After all that, relaxed with Charlie and then had lunch. Once lunch was over, I headed downstairs.

I went back to working on my 9 patches. I still need to trim them, but will do that when I'm done getting them all sewn together.

I did trim the 4 patches though. I wanted them at 3 1/2" but found that they wouldn't square up to size. My next thought was, why not 3" and they will be 2 1/2" when sewn together. I don't have a problem with that.

I trimmed all of these to size. It worked out great. I will try and work on getting a bigger size when I can. No worries.

Since I feel that way - No Worries - it made today a lot of fun. I worked on sewing and didn't have any issues to worry about. I'm happy with that.

I've been adding more to my pile.

I'm working on my second row.

It doesn't seem to be making a dent in this bucket. I'm still working on them. It's going to be fun to figure out what the heck I'm going to make. Right now I'm just working on the 9 patches.

I'm working on the eagles. Will post how I'm doing tomorrow.

I have added a few more strips to the give-a-way! More will be's worth commenting if you want to get some nine patches out of them, or even 4 patches. Happy Quilting!


I am giving away my “tails” of my 100% cotton solid fabrics. They are 2 ½” x at least 4” long and longer. This is good cotton solid fabrics. (I don’t buy cheap) If you would like to have the solid pieces, comment below. If you come back every day, leave a comment that you would like the scrap tails. I will be adding more to them till July 25, 2015 when I will pick a winner. Good Luck. I may even add a gift for taking them. J Enjoy!

This is what I have to give away. No quilter likes to throw away fabrics! lol 

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