Sunday, August 23, 2015

Awesome Day! ---- Actually Got Some Work Done!

Today started out early, worked on laundry. Watched TV - the old John Wayne movies. While I was watching the shows, I actually worked on a few things!

Patrick had said I needed to add stars in the 4 corners of the QOV quilt I made. I went downstairs and looked for a gold color fabric, and didn't find any, so Patrick picked out this color for the star, as it went well with the panel.

Now I can mark this as a finished project, since it is going to someone else for quilting, I will have it back for the binding. I'm going to call it done now, as I don't know if I will be doing the binding or not.

Last night I worked on this block (believe it's #15 or #16) I figured out I was missing a leaf, so had to put that one on before I could do the flower. I'm looking forward to getting this one done. It will be 2 done in less than a week. IF all goes well.

I have a dental appointment tomorrow and will take it with me to work on while I wait. Then I'll be over at moms before having physical therapy. This should be my last visit to PT.

I'm happy to report, I'm working more on my project than I have in a very long time! I'm getting more and more done. We are picking up the quilts tonight from the fair. Looking forward to having my "baby" home again. Don't think I'll put it in any more shows.

Happy Quilting!! - And don't forget to check out my earlier message about Richard John, below!

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