Friday, August 28, 2015

Can't Win..........Another Busy Day!

This morning got in a good walk. Can't complain about that. After walking left early to moms because I needed to make a couple stops on the way. I needed to get the poster laminated and went to Copy Depot. I was able to get it laminated and headed over to moms. Got to the office of The Gathering Place so I could talk to them about getting a day set for when we could have the TAS Annual Meeting. As I'm getting out of the car, I noticed my cell phone missing. Looked all over, and ended up going back to Copy Depot to see if they had it. When I got there, they didn't have it, but when I turned around the guy at the counter said, "Hey, here it is." It was on the floor! UGH

Headed back to Stillwater Estates and went to the office and was able to get the meeting set for moms Birthday, May 3rd. Then I went over to moms and her place was packed with quilters. So, I worked in the kitchen. I did get some work done, but kept going out to the living room to chat. Couldn't win!

Of course I didn't take the fabric out of my bag from I had to dig for my applique. This is the fabric I got for QOV.

This is what I got for my leaves and a couple others I just liked.

Of course this was way on the bottom of my applique bag. I was looking at the bag today, and realized I need to wash it. I'm thinking of putting it in the washing machine on hand wash.

I finished the leaf in the middle that goes across the firecracker. I did notice one of the firecrackers needs attention, so will try and fix that one. I basted the star on today. I will try and get it done here pretty soon and work on the bow that goes across it. I also need to work on the leaf that come from behind over the star. I need to work on the flower as well. It's slowly coming along.

I let the group know I'm no longer going to be the "coordinator" of the group. After 4 years, I need a break. I need to let someone else do the work.

After leaving moms I headed over to Donna's and had good chat with her. I tried to see if my QOV quilt was done, and found out it's not. So, I'll change the "done" part of that quilt top. I've got an idea of what I can do to make it bigger. I need to add a couple more borders, and I have an idea for one of the borders. I'm actually thinking of doing a nine patch border for the next one. I'm going to mark it on my paper to see how I want to do the colors. I have ideas. I will try a couple nine patches before I decide, that way I only use one or two nine patches before messing up a few blocks.

Tomorrow is another Saturday, and Patrick has the usual on the schedule. It will be interesting tomorrow to see if I get to work on the quilt top or not. I'm hoping! Happy Quilting!

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