Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bowling Sunday...With Some Applique Thrown In

This morning I did the usual relaxing before Patrick got up. Then hurried and took a shower, running out the door to get to the bowling alley for our travel league.

I bowled pretty good today, getting a 211 which got me the $5 winning game. One of the awards in our travel league is $5 for each high game and high game handicap. One of the gals in the league bowled a 734 series. She did an awesome job.

Got home after stopping a couple places on the way. I have been getting my stuff ready for the class tomorrow.

I washed moms quilt again - for the sixth time today - because it has so much red. I left it after the sixth wash and will take it still wet to mom. I tried to "air dry" it yesterday and it turned the inside of my drier pink. I really don't care for pink, but oh well.

It's been a rainy week.

I'm happy to say I'm getting really close to finishing this top. I have about half of the border around it done. I'm working on the border areas. I have most of it cut out now, but have more to applique before I start cutting the next set out. I'm enjoying the applique so far. I will need to get the back batting for the quilting.

We're going bowling again tonight, so won't be able to get more done. I will be teaching part  the day tomorrow.

Trees in the yard.

Hopefully tonight I can bowl another good game. I'd love to get another 600 series if I can. At the same time, I'll be thinking about quilting! Happy Quilting!

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