Friday, November 20, 2015

Not One of My Better Days!

Today I got up and went walking. Got home and couldn't get in the mood to shower - too funny! I was looking for stuff to do instead. I usually shower before walking but because it's so cold out, I just put my "sweats" on and called it good.

I finally showered and headed to moms. Mom called to say I-5 was closed because of accidents on both sides of the freeway. It all happened at my folks exit, where they are doing a lot of construction. Patrick came home and said one of his workers wife was in one of the accidents. (She was waiting on the traffic to move because of one accident, a truck clips her, and keeps going.) So, I went through town.

I stopped off at Office Depot to check on more scrap laminate. I got a lot of it! I was surprised at how much they had. He was thrilled to let me have it, since they usually throw it out.

While at moms, I thought I would work on the eagle for QOV...well, the thought was good, but the results where worse.

I was buckling, no matter what I did. I appliqued down the top and then came around the bottom. Fabric shifted - and that usually doesn't happen. I started taking out some of my piece. Nope that didn't work either. I took the piece out, then re-basted it down. Nope, that didn't work. I then decided to go ahead and applique it down, and go back and fix the area that needed it.....not the smartest thing I've ever done, but I tried. Now, I decided I will take it out, use pins and re-baste it. Once I do that, keep the pins in when I applique and that should keep it from shifting. I'm getting tired of ripping it out. But, hey, I tried. I just need to start over to get it right.

I have the quilt - Oak Leave and Acorns - here by me to get started on quilting. I will take out the wing and then get started on quilting. That is more relaxing at this point! (smiling)

We had a good meeting. It was just 6 of us. We talked about all the stuff going on right now. We even had disagreements over those coming into the country. We had a good conversation, not getting headed or getting mad. It was just talking. We chatted about a lot of other stuff as well.

I found an idea for Patrick's Christmas gift. Will work on it the next couple weeks.

I was surprised by Patrick this evening. He brought me home a nice bucket of plants. It's really nice! I'll take a photo and post it. It's our 33rd Anniversary tomorrow. I was going to stop and get him a gift, but it's the pits that he was thinking faster than me. I've been really bad about our anniversary the last couple years. I think I have a card in the box, and will pull it out tomorrow to give to him.

I will try and get back on track. I need to get my rear in gear and fix my mistakes. I need to put my heart into this to get it better. I'm working on it. Happy Quilting!

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