Saturday, November 21, 2015

Our Anniversary

Today, Patrick and I have been married 33 years. Not bad for an old gal that thought she wouldn't last long with just one guy! lol

We went out and hit the casino. We have been doing pretty good lately. We are not high gamblers, as we go with a set amount of money and when it's done, we're done. Today we came home with more than we took, so all in all a good day.

We then went to Costco to see what we can find for gifts. We came back with ideas. We are getting started on Christmas gifts, and have a couple idea. We'll probably order online, as there are some really good gift baskets out there.

I came home, worked on the puzzle - yep, working on that too. Then I came and sat down. I checked the email - way too full! Cleaned up our email and fixed my "find a grave" family. I have to add one more, then I'll see what I need to fix.

Chatting with Patrick. We're going to put cat litter out in the garage and let Charlie be in there at night. I worry about her in this cold. So, we will set it up so she can be in the garage and get out of the wind and cold. I would rather have her in the house, since she's having a very hard time with her back legs. I realize it won't be too much longer before she goes, but I want to keep her warm and comfortable.

I have plans to work on the Oak Leave quilt tonight. I'm going to get started on quilting it. I should be getting on it. Patrick asked me about it yesterday, so I know I need to move on it. Funny how he seems to catch me lingering with my crafts. As soon as it gets done I can get it in the mail. Just hope my Aunt likes it, as she's picky.

Tomorrow we will enjoy being in the house, and then go bowling. We need to pick up some food for Thanksgiving - we will be by ourselves....seems to be our life. We are good and enjoyed an awesome day. Still Happy Quilting!!

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