Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Seahawks Won! And I Actually Pieced!

Today started out slow. Patrick went out in the yard - even though it was cold again today!

He was cleaning up the leaves that have been there awhile. He always hires kids to help out, but this year he seems to be doing it all himself.

You can see the frost out there! I took this around noon time! His piles have been there for awhile and I'm surprised they didn't blow away at the last storm. He's got more to put together (past that pile) and then once that's done, he'll be happy. He does an awesome job with our yard.

While he was doing that, I was doing laundry and working on my puzzle. I'm getting there. It's coming along each time I work on it.

After lunch we wanted to watch the Seahawk game. I wasn't too worried about it they won or lost, because of the chances they have. There are times they tend to blow it. That's okay, I just love watching them play. Today was a good game. I enjoyed it and was yelling so loud, I'm sure the neighbors heard me! Plus Patrick was yelling too, so didn't feel too much like fool!

While we were downstairs, I marked some of the muslin fabric to be able to do the triangles needed for the quilt top. The blocks are big, but it's looking pretty good. I need some more triangles. I wish I had the perfect triangles for 6" squares. I wonder if Rita has them in yet.

I started out laying some of the blocks out on the wall.

The left block is put together, the bottom right needs the bottom row sewn on, and the top is just in strips. This gives one the idea of what I'm doing. I can even move the blocks around to get a different effect with the stripes. It's looking a lot better than I thought it would. I like the way the colors are coming together. I'm trying use as much as I can with the 9 patches. Not bad.

My pot holder I was working on last night, didn't make it with the last of the yarn, so I'm going to use the new stuff to finish it off. It won't matter, since I'm not going to give that one away. I did start one with the purple yarn. I will try and get those done tomorrow. I may even work downstairs on the 9 patches too.....oops, nope! Got to finish the quilt. I'll get my two Christmas gifts done first!

QOV meeting is Tuesday and my quilt hasn't come back yet. I was hoping to have it by this meeting, but that's okay too. I know it's the holidays, and the quilter has plenty of stuff to do.

All's good, and we're Happy Quilting!

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