Friday, December 4, 2015

A Day With Friends at Moms

Today we walked and I was able to use my new phone for tracking my walking! I love it! Fitbit's app is awesome! It showed my walking in the neighborhood. It even got all the coli-sacs we hit. Had the road down perfect.

Then got back home and got my stuff ready to go to moms. She wanted me to go to Michaels for small boxes for our gifting. I went to the Dollar Tree instead and picked up 7 boxes that were mailboxes and 4 boxes that were houses. Guess which ones everyone wanted! I couldn't believe it, I should have just bought them all in the houses! I got what was left of the small size in the mailboxes. Oh, well. We each have those boxes to fill for our Christmas party. Should be fun.

I worked on the quilt. I didn't get a lot done, guess I really wasn't in the mood. Was visiting with dad and playing a game. lol

This is the last area that I need to get done, so I was able to get about half way there.

Patrick is going crazy! He wants to get Christmas gifts done, so will close this now, and write more tomorrow - but then it's Saturday tomorrow and we all know what happens on Saturdays! lol

Going shopping tomorrow too. Grocery and Christmas, not really looking forward to all that going out! Life is a wonder!

Have a great day and be Happy Quilting!

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