Monday, December 28, 2015

Finished One More Project This Year!

Today I was able to stay in bed a little longer. Ruth went to the ER to check on her arm. Her arm was black. She apparently broke a blood vessel.

I enjoyed a quiet morning. Then in the afternoon I decided to get to work on the "Harvest Wreath" embroidery.

I finished it this afternoon, just before Patrick got home. I added the beads to flowers on the right. I learned another stitch. Actually I modified the stitch for the acorn. It turned out better than I thought it would. Now I just need to wash it.

I added my initials to the piece. I wanted it hidden. I like to have my "signature" on my pieces.

So most of it is under the flower. If and when this gets framed, it will be hidden. It will be a surprise to the person that take the frame off and does "whatever."

I was having so much fun! I even put stuff in my box for when I start up again with embroidery. Our next meeting is one the 8th. Wonder if I will start before that. I put the kit that Phil and Emily gave me at Christmas in the box. I also found a could small quick designs that I may do instead. There is a piece that has the groups initials and is to be turned in at seminar in 2016. I'm thinking of going, so I may do it to get a skein of floss.

Speaking of floss! I started putting my floss in the "Annie's Keeper." I need to double check on the plastic storage box for them. I'm excited about this. I'm putting them on the plastic keepers. I have been putting the floss that Teri gave me on the plastic keepers. Then I'll go ahead and take out the floss that I was using for the project above and put them on the keepers. The plastic sheets I have I'll use on something else later. Or I'll give them away. I'll see what I want to do when I'm organized again.

I didn't work on the cat cross stitch today. I will do that tomorrow. I realize if I put the time into a quilt as I have on this project, I might be farther along. I'm just not ready to get back to it yet. I'll quilt on Phil's quilt in between making up my mind of what I want to work on.

"Squirrel! Squirrel!" that's what I'm doing again! I did see a dead hummingbird on my deck today. Broke my heart! I feed them and haven't ever had that problem. The other bird is still around. Guess it hasn't been my year with my "pets."

Received a gift from my brother today of chocolate covered pecans! Loving it!! Hoping to check it out soon!

I'm keeping busy and loving it! I am working more on my projects then playing....that's saying something! Happy Quilting!

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