Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fudge & Brittle Day!

This morning started out with a quick walk. Then on my way to moms, stopped at Rite Aide to get another gift for Patrick. While I was there I found they had Christmas stuff at 50% off.

SO....I just had to buy the Santa and Mrs. Claus set!

Not sure where I'm going to put them. Mrs. is in the bathroom right now. Santa is on my coffee table but he's too big for that. I need to clear a corner and put him there. I've been wanting this set for a long time. They move and sing. I love it.

After that trip, I went on to mom and dads. We ended up making fudge and brittle all day long.

We had two pots going the whole time. We ended up making 5 batches of fudge. One was with cashews, one with peanut butter and the rest were with walnuts. Then we made 3 batches of brittle. We had a great time! Mom put some of her stuff in containers for her friends. She's giving them out tomorrow. There was plenty to give out.

Now for my quilting.....remember I took out Phil's ships?.....well, I finished quilting the corner block. Then I checked to see who it looked and realized I didn't do the sashing between the bottom middle block and the right block. Three guesses what I did last night after I finished that block!....Yep, took out all that quilting! The sashing was buckered! I was happy to see my quilting actually stays in. It took some doing on a couple spots to get it out! After I finished taking all that out, I got it set and ready to do the sashing and then work my way back to the block. It's marked and ready to quilt since I did that when I was working on it. And here I thought I was moving along great! (laughing) Never fails, when one thinks it's going great, something happens.

Tomorrow is a quiet day. No visiting. No shopping. No visitors. Just me and my messes. I wonder what I'll do tomorrow. Hopefully Happy Quilting!

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