Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Getting Through The Day

Today I started out early. Was early to Ruth's to get walking, and early on the road. I didn't sleep very well last night. I hope I can sleep better tonight.

I left early and headed to moms to call and give her the information she wanted. When I looked at my watch I thought it was 10 after 10 am, but it was 10 after 9 am. I headed to Olympia for our QOV meeting. I arrived a half hour early - the store wasn't open. I went to the World Market and picked up tea for Art. I also picked up tea for Patrick and I. Then I got a "bark" to put in our gift for bowling. Headed back to the meeting. Arrived about 15 mins after they opened. Timing worked out! I then went shopping for fabric that looked close to Charlies coloring. I'm going to do the "Cat Nap" pattern in 2 fabric applique in memory of her. That will be my next thing.

I wasn't really in the mood to do much, but I did help Donna with her blocks she was working on. She sewed a lot of 4" triangles and I did the cutting. After cutting I ironed them, and she clipped them. I like what she's doing. I was thinking I may do that as well. I'm feeling a little better about doing scrap quilts. I can do one with the red, white, and blue for QOV. I'm okay with that. I'm going over to her place tomorrow and we'll see what we are in the mood to work on. I will take my quilt with me just in case. I can get more quilting done.

Sorry about the lighting. I'll get a better picture later! This is what I have done so far. The white one on the bottom is where I got to before I ran out of yarn. So, I'm going to use the darker color to finish it. We all can use pot holder. It really doesn't matter if they match (but not giving it out as a gift).
I have one and a half more to do to finish up my sets for the bowlers.

This is how I finish it. I take the back st of the sc and do another sc. Some do a slip st instead of a sc. I do both, but these are sc.

My quilt hasn't come back from the quilter yet. That is the one I sent for QOV. I would like for it to get done soon. I'm anxious to see what she does on it.

Life is still moving, I see Charlie everywhere, but I'm getting through this. Time is what helps heal. It's even hard to sit here and type this, because she was always sitting there waiting for me to finish so she could come up on my lap. I can get through this.....Happy Quilting!

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