Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Guess the Town Flooded - Thanks to the Rain!

Went walking this morning. As I waited on Ruth, I heard the road closures on the radio. As I sit here typing this, the news is reporting floods. They are even showing the areas that are closed. We had to go around town to get to the bowling alley. One of the one way roads was closed, so we had to go around. At least out here by us it's not that bad.

After walking I decided to clean up a little bit. Vacuumed, picked up my mess, changed the bed. Yea, had to change my bed, even though Patrick did that this weekend. He put on those sheets that I try to put in the back of the pile. You know, the ones that one uses when there isn't any others to use?! Well, he got in the pile a pulled them out. So, for the last two nights the sheets were coming off the bed. Since we have a heating pad under the sheets, it doesn't help. After having to pull the bed apart three days in a row, I pulled the bed apart and put on the sheets that fit! I washed the others and realized the fitted sheet no longer has elastic! I took those sheets and put them downstairs. I'll use them on the bed down there that isn't has high as our bed. If that doesn't work, they will go outside for Patrick to use when he paints or has to cover something. I hope they stay down there!!

Had an eye appointment today. Good news is that my eye sight is fine for now. It changed a little bit, but not enough to order new glasses. Plus I really don't want to pay $300 for a new pair right now. Told the doctor I'll be back when I can't seem the eye of my needle.

After our appointment with the eye doctor I pulled out the sugar cookie dough from yesterday and we made these cookies. I think we are done now with the cookies. I don't really want to do any more since it's just the two of us. We'll be passing cookies out to friends.

I then went downstairs and sewed the binding on the quilt. I need to finish it by hand. Then I'll finish some more quilting and call it good. I will work on a label too. I really don't like the black batting I bought. I'm finding black pieces all over the quilt. I hope it all washes out. I bought it by the yard, so not sure what it was. I wish it didn't have all those pieces on my quilt.

We went bowling tonight.....that wan't good....I bowled a 453 series...not even close to my average. Lost another 2 pins on my average - was 171 and I couldn't even bowl a 160!! Kicked me off. Oh, well. that's life!

Keep happy and stay Happy Quilting!

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