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A Good Day With Friends

Today was a great morning to start walking. I took Art over his key, so he could turn it in. He asked for some supplies to finish cleaning, and I headed back to the house to get what he needed. Told him I'd pick up what he didn't use when I got back. I then headed to Ruth's for a good walk. She had an awesome time with her family over the weekend. After our walk, I was surprised to see a car by our water system. We found out he was doing research for the state. So, I let him into the well and he talked to Patrick. That was an interesting morning. Stopped and picked up what Art didn't use for cleaning and come home, just in time to head out to our Brazilian Embroidery group.

I worked on the leaves by the flower.

And the flower. This was as far as I got at our meeting. I decided I was going to fill it in more.

Which is what I did. I like it better fuller. I will do a lot of little french knots for the center. I'm really liking the colors of this kit. I'm having s…

A Day of Sewing...

This morning I woke up after having a great night sleep. I had the best night sleep I had in a long time. Think it was the Zyrtec! lol

I've been doing laundry and cleaning up a little, but my quilt room wasn't the room that got cleaned up. I did enjoy the afternoon downstairs.

I laid the 9 patches next to each other to see which one I like the best. I actually liked the bottom set. Would you believe I asked Patrick and Donna - "top or bottom" and they didn't have a clue I had them different! lol - Guess I should have said it a little better.

I'm hoping I have enough of the yellow/white to finish the border. I don't think I will have any to put a square in the corner, but not too worried about that. May just do a solid border and then put the other (red or blue) in the corner. Step by step and I may get this going pretty good.

I keep the center changing as it goes.

I'm going to have to trim the one border down because it's just about an inch off. I…

Do You Ever Have One of Those Days?!

You know the days I'm talking about. The days when you want to do something and you think about it all day. Then when you start, the day is pretty much gone and you don't get much done!

Today I woke early as usual and was thrilled to see the rain. I wasn't so thrilled to see the wind, but I can live with it. It was really windy today. I saw a news strip go across the TV saying the wind was at 60 mph, and a 10 year old girl was killed by a falling tree. Not news one likes to hear.

We headed to the casino, and came home. We didn't do so good, but not worried about it. Don't think Patrick was in the mood to play, and he's the one that likes to go.

I woke with a headache and sinus, so I took my Zyrtec. By the time we got home I just wanted to lay down and sleep. So, I did. I fell asleep on the couch and got a good 1 1/2 hrs in. Surprised me too, because I usually don't do naps.

I kept thinking about the border I'm going to do on the QOV quilt. I know it'…

Can't Win..........Another Busy Day!

This morning got in a good walk. Can't complain about that. After walking left early to moms because I needed to make a couple stops on the way. I needed to get the poster laminated and went to Copy Depot. I was able to get it laminated and headed over to moms. Got to the office of The Gathering Place so I could talk to them about getting a day set for when we could have the TAS Annual Meeting. As I'm getting out of the car, I noticed my cell phone missing. Looked all over, and ended up going back to Copy Depot to see if they had it. When I got there, they didn't have it, but when I turned around the guy at the counter said, "Hey, here it is." It was on the floor! UGH

Headed back to Stillwater Estates and went to the office and was able to get the meeting set for moms Birthday, May 3rd. Then I went over to moms and her place was packed with quilters. So, I worked in the kitchen. I did get some work done, but kept going out to the living room to chat. Couldn't…

Quilting Day.....As Well as Bookkeeping

Today started out walking. After that, left for our quilt meeting at the quilt shop. We had a pretty good meeting with 12 members showing up. We chatted about the Fair and the quilt shop coming up. We had the stuff that will be sold at the quilt show in a couple week. All proceeds goes to Lewis County Beast Cancer Survivors. We did pretty good. Unfortunately, I spend money on some fabrics, that I really didn't need!

I have been thinking about what was said at the meeting and what all I do for the group, that I am going to resign from being the coordinator. I think after 4 years of keeping things on track, it's time for someone else to take over.

I finally made it back home at about 3 pm. Then I headed down to the computer room to get an email ready to go out after I get the pattern from Kathy. I also had to email Cil my quilt I'm going to put in the show. It's one I've had hanging on the wall before the butterfly quilt. I had another one I wanted to do as well, but…

Middle of the Week...And Still Busy!

Today we were started out early. Went walking and played cribbage. Got skunked,.....yet again!

Took this photo last night. I walked down to Ruth's to check on her computer. I loved the reds in the sky. This is a tad darker than it was, but it's still pretty.

Love nights like this.

Took a photo of block #15. This is a better photo and will post it in the finished blocks area. I really enjoyed working on the embroidery.

While I was getting ready to go to the doctors I set up the next block.

I will work on this one tonight and tomorrow. Not sure what I can do tonight.

We had our bowling meeting tonight and the same person is secretary again. I can't believe they keep putting her back in! She doesn't know how to keep track of money! Oh, well, I bowl for the fun of it, and we give her a check so that she can't say we didn't pay.

Too many appointments! Quilting tomorrow with Haven't Missed a Stitch and looking forward to seeing what everyone donated! Happy Quilti…

It's Only Tuesday, and Yet Another Busy Day!

Woke to a shower and a trip to the casino with Art. I actually did pretty good! First time since we have been going once a month! I came home with more money then I played with. Can't complain this time.

After coming home called Patrick and decided I would treat for supper. We went down to Longview WA for supper and on the way back took the back roads. We talked about thinking about where we would go after this house is paid off. We want to go to a one level home, and chances are we will be around here. There were a few places on the back roads that we liked, and will think about living in those areas as well. It's something we will think about in the future.

I finished the applique on block #15. Now I need to do the embroidery and will probably do that here tonight. I'm still not crazy about the colors, but I can live with it. Once it's in a quilt, it won't be that bad.

I really haven't done much in the way of quilting. I'm hoping to do more later. I keep …

One Thing After Another.....

This morning was up early to get to my dental appointment. After an hour of getting my teeth cleaned, I came back to get my cell phone and go for a walk with Ruth. We took about an hour because we had to deliver notices to the water group.

After walking, got back in the car and headed to Walmart to pick up a few things we needed. Wanted to get there before it got too crowded. I rarely go, but when I do go, I make sure I get what I want and leave.

Arrived at the folks just before my physical therapy time. I chatted with dad. He looks great and is handling the situation very well. He will know in the next two days if he will be part of that 10% of people who get surgery. Mom had a couple things she wanted me to for her. I stayed after they both left - mom to take care of a client of hers, and dad to show the neighbors how to get to my sister-in-laws mothers place. I ordered what mom wanted ordered, then I played her game for a few minutes and went home.

Arrived home to work on Patrick&#…

Awesome Day! ---- Actually Got Some Work Done!

Today started out early, worked on laundry. Watched TV - the old John Wayne movies. While I was watching the shows, I actually worked on a few things!

Patrick had said I needed to add stars in the 4 corners of the QOV quilt I made. I went downstairs and looked for a gold color fabric, and didn't find any, so Patrick picked out this color for the star, as it went well with the panel.

Now I can mark this as a finished project, since it is going to someone else for quilting, I will have it back for the binding. I'm going to call it done now, as I don't know if I will be doing the binding or not.

Last night I worked on this block (believe it's #15 or #16) I figured out I was missing a leaf, so had to put that one on before I could do the flower. I'm looking forward to getting this one done. It will be 2 done in less than a week. IF all goes well.

I have a dental appointment tomorrow and will take it with me to work on while I wait. Then I'll be over at moms before …

QOV Honors Richard John

I received the following last night:

Richard John, a decorated soldier from the Vietnam War was presented a quilt from QOV. It was an emotional time for friends and family. It was a planned surprise. He was primped up by the nurses. In the morning he wasn't doing very good. They didn't know if he would be okay by noon for the presentation.

The QOV gals from the Upper Peninsula presented him with this quilt. He was hugging the quilt when family left. It was an honor to give him this quilt. He may not live long, but he will have this quilt to comfort him in his last days.

This is my husband's Uncle. He has had many strokes in the last couple months, and I was afraid we would not get the quilt there fast enough. He has served our country well, and needed that "Thank you" that he was not given when he came back from Vietnam. He was a helicopter pilot and had been wounded in the war. He saved lives, and he has metals that he doesn't talk about. He said one time th…

Saturday Fun!

Got up early today. Went to the casino - yep, back to doing that weekly - didn't come home with any money. haha

I had a great chitter chat with Katt. She went to the Lewiston, ID parade.

Not sure who she's with there. I love the outfit!! She said it was 2 hours of sweating and getting her photo taken every 2 minutes. Plus the usual bumping into people who like to punch and be a pain! That's my girl!!

I worked on my Bountiful Basket block last night. I finally finished up block #17.

I must have 1,000 french knots!! It took me all night last night and this afternoon to finish up the knots. I do like the way it came out. I'm happy with it. Even Patrick was impressed. I need a better photo, but will use this for now.

I picked out fabrics for a couple more and will work on them tonight. I STILL need to get a star pattern to put on the quilt top I did for QOV. I may work on that tomorrow.

Tomatoes are getting red. Have more than I can eat, and told my son to get over here to…

Enjoyed the Day to Myself!

I started the day off with playing cribbage. I skunked Art one game and he won one game, then I won he last. Enjoyed that, but he had more stuff for me to take. He told me to come back in the afternoon and get some more stuff. Not like I need more stuff! Anyway, I came back home because Ruth was having a garage sale with her neighbor, and the money would go to the food bank.

I sat down and played some games, then I decided I would do applique. I wanted to get caught up on my shows I taped. So, I was able to go through a few of my shows, but not near what I've missed out on.

I appliqued the leaves on block #17 of the Bountiful Baskets. I then decided I would do the embroidery on the block as well. I started adding all the french knots that go there. I used Pearl's technique of where the french knots go.

I'm about 2/3 done with the second stem for the flower. I will try and get this block done tonight. I actually enjoyed spending time to myself and working on this block.


Dad's Home

Today started out with a walk and then a trip to the hospital. The good news was dad was given the okay to go home. I left before mom came to take him home.

I got home and worked on the laundry (a week worth), vacuumed, ran the dishwasher, and then decided to sit and watch TV.

I worked on this basket while I was watching TV. Our bowling partner came over and we spent a couple hours chatting.

Dad called just before she came over and said he's doing good and told me he had to be on the liquid diet for the next 2 weeks. He's can't have anything other than liquid. I hope he can do this, because if he doesn't he will be back in the hospital.

I'll try and see what I can do tomorrow. I'm planning on staying home unless mom calls. It's been a long week, and I'm looking forward to being back to being Happy Quilting!

Day 4 and Counting.....

Today started out walking and cribbage. Got a call from mom saying she would be at the hospital around 10/10:30 am and I told her I'd meet her there.

I went to the hospital to find dad already out from his colonoscopy. I stayed with mom till about 1:30 pm then we headed home. Dad looked good, but found he may be staying another 3 days.

Got home and went for a second walk with Ruth. Then went to Ruth's to help her with her computer and it seemed to be her server. Called Century Link to see what was going on. Her loading was taking  very long time. After being transferred 3 times we finally got a really nice tech guy. He found something he wanted to check on. He was trying to reach the other department to help us out. After 45 minutes of waiting he apologized and said he was still trying to figure out what was going on. I told him he could call Ruth back and I'd see what I could do when I come back tomorrow. I couldn't believe he couldn't reach the other department i…

Two Days at the Hospital and Counting!

Today was able to sleep in a bit, but that didn't happen. I did get up about the time Patrick left for work. I worked on getting laundry started and then waited for mom to call me.

Mom called and we decided to meet at the hospital. Mom was upset about the way dad was cared for yesterday, and truthfully I was too. I took dad water yesterday because they weren't giving him water. His nurses button didn't work, and when I questioned it was told that light is on to show him the button. Well, guess what?! The button didn't work! Dad was still in pain and ran a temp last night. So, when mom talked to the nurse this morning she wasn't happy. By the time I got there, they seemed to have straightened up because they finally gave dad a bath and changed his bedding. He was getting better responses today. I had told Donna I wasn't happy and she told me who to go to to get what we needed. I didn't need to get to that point, because the leading nurse came in a couple tim…

Day Started Out Great........

Today I woke at a good time and enjoyed time to myself. Last night I did get two baskets done for the Bountiful Baskets.

After Patrick woke, I headed downstairs to work on my QOV quilt.

I changed the "piano key" border. I like what I did this time. I showed Patrick and he told me I need to add some stars in the corners. So, I'll print out a star that will work and put them in the corners. At first I thought it was an all day project, but when I noticed it was 1:30 pm and I had it done, I felt pretty good about getting it done. I had my moments of "where did I set that border?" I folded up the light fabric and set it aside. Would you believe it took me 10 minutes to find it again?! I couldn't believe it, I kept looking in the ear that I was working. The thought in my mind the heck do you loose something when it should be right here?! I'm looking all over the area that I was working in, I looked on the quilt frame, you name it. Then I moved som…

Another Weekend Already Planned By Hubby!

Today I woke at a decent hour and went walking with Ruth. We usually don't do the weekends, but since the sun was out early, I decided to contact her to go walking.

I sat and enjoyed the morning while Patrick slept. Then when he got up, we headed for the casino. We did good, and when I say we did good, it usually means we came home with more than we spent. Even if it is $5.

We then headed to the theater to see the movie, "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." I loved it! It was a great movie. I even liked the fella's who played the part. I can't wait to see the next movie that comes out.

Last night I finished up this eagle block. I added the embroidery that was needed. It gave it more life. 

I worked on this block today and got all the leaves done. I need to add the embroidery to it. I also need to check with Donna to see if the pattern has more embroidery that I didn't mark on the quilt block. I'm pleased with the way they both turned out. Now I'm going to take a…

Awesome Day With Jeannie Austin!!

This morning started out like most weekdays, walking and cribbage. After cribbage, I headed to mom's house for our group meeting.

Mom told the group a couple days ago that the meeting would go till noon and then her and I would have to leave. We were both surprised to see 8 members show up. It was awesome. We worked on our projects.

I worked on the Baltimore Liberty block at moms. I've got most of the stems done. I need to put the stick in the middle firecracker and then one more leaf before putting the star in. Then I have to leave an opening on the points to put another leave that goes over and behind the star.

Mom and I headed over to Mary Ann Wilson's house to visit with both Mary Ann and Jeannie. We had an awesome time. We stayed 2 1/2 hrs. It was so much fun. We talked about the quilts that mom judged, and the quilts Jeannie judged over the last week. They both commented on how quilters haven't been doing the bindings right. Mom said she noticed this year the bin…