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Crocheting Day

Today started out walking in the cold. It wasn't slippery, so we walked around 7:30 this morning.

When I got home, Charlie was still in the garage, which was unusual for her. I went to see how she was doing, and she was still sleeping. Petted her, and she stood up, but didn't look good at all. She meowed at me, and I picked her up. Brought her into the house. She tried to eat, but couldn't. She would only walk about 4 steps, go back to the food, without eating. Laid there for awhile. Then came in front of the heater. I walked by and she meowed, so I picked her up and put her in my lap. We stayed like that for a few hours, and when she stood she cried out. I called Patrick and he took her in. She is now resting in peace. After 18 years, she's so missed! Broke my heart!

I was able to get some crocheting in on the pot holders. I have one and a half done. I should have this set done by tonight. I didn't get a lot in, because of worrying about Charlie. I will take a pho…

The Seahawks Won! And I Actually Pieced!

Today started out slow. Patrick went out in the yard - even though it was cold again today!

He was cleaning up the leaves that have been there awhile. He always hires kids to help out, but this year he seems to be doing it all himself.

You can see the frost out there! I took this around noon time! His piles have been there for awhile and I'm surprised they didn't blow away at the last storm. He's got more to put together (past that pile) and then once that's done, he'll be happy. He does an awesome job with our yard.

While he was doing that, I was doing laundry and working on my puzzle. I'm getting there. It's coming along each time I work on it.

After lunch we wanted to watch the Seahawk game. I wasn't too worried about it they won or lost, because of the chances they have. There are times they tend to blow it. That's okay, I just love watching them play. Today was a good game. I enjoyed it and was yelling so loud, I'm sure the neighbors heard …

A Little Too Cold For My Blood!

Today we took off to the casino. Patrick's Saturday stop - when he is on a winning streak. Today wasn't so lucky and if I'm lucky we'll take a break next weekend.

After that, we went to the movies! We saw "The Good Dinosaur." I actually liked it. It really isn't a really good movie for children. There are sad points to this one. But at the same time, it works out "fear" that the dinosaur has.

We then stopped and bought more yarn - and yes, I named it wrong!

It's Peaches & Creme. I wrote it done wrong yesterday (and I'll go change it!)

This one is a purple variegated color. I should have no problems getting two sets out of this if ont more. I think I had only about 3/4's of the other one.

I was able to get more quilting in last night.

I finished up this corner. It went really fast. I had put in a LOT of quilting last night. I have this about 1/3 done so far. I was really happy to see how much I had done! This is going faster than …

Not Crazy Enough To Go Shopping Today!

I enjoyed the day of being able to sleep in - not that I did. I had a night mare, where I was kidnapped and then bit off the guys finger! Then spit it back at him! Go figure! Makes me wonder what in the word I was watching that made me think of that!

I worked on laundry today, as it was growing, even when I wasn't looking. Got a lot done, and then vacuumed. Patrick worked out in the yard, and let me tell you, it was COLD. I was surprised he still went out. He wanted to get all those leaves picked up. I stayed in the house where it was warm, and NO I'm not crazy enough to go about on Black Friday! I did that one year in OK when I was in my 20's. I won't do that again!

I spent the day cleaning and quilting! I have more of this quilt done then I thought I did. It's coming along great.

It's coming along pretty good. I like the way it's going. I added an extra line in the "vane" of the leaf to give it more life. I think it actually helped it out. May t…


Today is a day to be with loved ones! Happy Thanksgiving and I'll be back tomorrow! May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Still Happy Quilting!

Looking Forward To Tomorrow

Today I was able to sleep in, and to my surprise, I did. I actually slept till 8:30 am and that is sleeping in for me. It felt good. At first I woke at 7:30 am closing my eyes, thinking I needed to get up, but didn't.

I got moving on cooking.

I found a recipe that called for eggnog and not "pet" milk. Patrick wanted something different, so I did it. Not sure how it will come out, because I wasn't paying too much attention on the spices, and added double what it called for. I hope it's good. lol

Then I decided to make grandma's treats,

She always took the unused pie crusts (homemade - only way I do it), and cover it with butter, cinnamon and sugar. Bake it. It comes out crispy. Mine came out a little chewy, but it is still good. I should have let it cook another 5 mins or more.

I haven't done anything on the craft front. I did work on the crocheted pot holders. I have two sets done, started another one. I need to get more yarn to finish another set.


One Step At A Time....

Woke up with a headache, and haven't done that in awhile. It was raining and guess my neighbor had a headache as well. She was going to her family's today. So, we called off walking. She'll be back on Friday, so guess we won't be walking till Monday.

I got a little caught up on shows. I even watched a couple movies on Hallmark. While I was doing that, I worked on the pumpkin that I needed to finish cooking, laundry, and boiled eggs. I'm almost ready for Thanksgiving. I'll do the pumpkin pie tomorrow.

While I was in the middle of all that, I worked on a puzzle and then worked on the pot holders.

I was able to get two done with another one started. I had half of one done last night. I will have two sets done by tonight. Then all I have to do is two more sets. Not sure if my "ball' of yarn will be enough. I may have to go buy another one. I'm okay with that.

I also took a break from crocheting and I did a few stitches in on the quilting.

I have a few …

Brazilian Embroidery Meeting - Count Down to Finishing Projects!

Today in the freezing cold, we walked. It as COLD today. I dress warm enough, and it helped.

Our Brazilian Embroidery group met today. We had about 6 of us there.

I didn't get a lot done. The little leaves on the right side is what I did. There were 9 of them I did get done. They are so small. It worked out slowly, but it's so small. It will look really pretty when the flower goes on there. I was going to do the big flower next to the pumpkins but needed a straight pin to do the petals. I'll work on it later, after a few things get done.

 was chatting with Patrick last night, worrying about the different group gifts I need to get. I have to have one for my quilt group, 4 gifts for bowling partners, (as well as the a gift to each of the three leagues), a gift to my neighbor, another to Art, and a couple other friends. I'm having a hard time figuring out what to get!

I decided I would make some pot holders for my bowling partners. I couldn't think of what to get them…

Looking Forward To This Week......

This morning after breakfast, we headed to Safeway to get our supplies for Thanksgiving. We went around 10:30 am and was surprised at how busy they were. Thought a lot would be at Church, but guessing Church let out and they were there. We didn't take that long so not complaining. We picked up what we didn't have.

When we got home, I started cooking the pumpkin Patrick got for me after Halloween.

After they were cooked, I'd peal them. This was the first batch. I had a big pumpkin and Patrick cut it into about 8 pieces. I cooked 6 of them, and have 2 more to go. I will do that tomorrow afternoon. I have a new recipe for pumpkin pie which Patrick wants me to try. It has eggnog in it. Should be interesting. Will see if it's good or not. lol

While I was cooking the pumpkin I was playing with the puzzle.

Not the best picture in the world, but one gets the idea. I was putting the center part together. I was surprised at how well it was going together. I can do this one if it…

Our Anniversary

Today, Patrick and I have been married 33 years. Not bad for an old gal that thought she wouldn't last long with just one guy! lol

We went out and hit the casino. We have been doing pretty good lately. We are not high gamblers, as we go with a set amount of money and when it's done, we're done. Today we came home with more than we took, so all in all a good day.

We then went to Costco to see what we can find for gifts. We came back with ideas. We are getting started on Christmas gifts, and have a couple idea. We'll probably order online, as there are some really good gift baskets out there.

I came home, worked on the puzzle - yep, working on that too. Then I came and sat down. I checked the email - way too full! Cleaned up our email and fixed my "find a grave" family. I have to add one more, then I'll see what I need to fix.

Chatting with Patrick. We're going to put cat litter out in the garage and let Charlie be in there at night. I worry about her i…

Not One of My Better Days!

Today I got up and went walking. Got home and couldn't get in the mood to shower - too funny! I was looking for stuff to do instead. I usually shower before walking but because it's so cold out, I just put my "sweats" on and called it good.

I finally showered and headed to moms. Mom called to say I-5 was closed because of accidents on both sides of the freeway. It all happened at my folks exit, where they are doing a lot of construction. Patrick came home and said one of his workers wife was in one of the accidents. (She was waiting on the traffic to move because of one accident, a truck clips her, and keeps going.) So, I went through town.

I stopped off at Office Depot to check on more scrap laminate. I got a lot of it! I was surprised at how much they had. He was thrilled to let me have it, since they usually throw it out.

While at moms, I thought I would work on the eagle for QOV...well, the thought was good, but the results where worse.

I was buckling, no matter …

Ready to Quilt....So, Why Haven't I Started Yet?!

Today as another good day. Walked with Ruth this morning. Came back to the house, and relaxed. Didn't feel like doing anything! I did play games, but that's not good either.

Patrick called this morning and that put me in the mood to make dessert. I have it in the frig right now. It needs to set 24 hours in the refrigerator.

Then I went downstairs and finally basted the quilt.

For some reason, wasn't really in the mood to do it, but once I got started, I kept going. It's now ready to quilt. I should have started it this afternoon. BUT instead, I pulled out the big eagle for the QOV quilt. I put one part of the wing on, then took out the basting thread on the other side and re-placed it. I started to applique it back down. My basting stitches were way too big for a big wing. It was moving too much. So, I made smaller stitches and then started putting the darker part of the wing down. I need to baste the left side of the birds wing. I will do that when I get ready to appl…

Ready to Get Stared on Quilting!

Today I was so tired, but I did get up early and go walking. We had a good walk, and I decided I would pass up our meeting today at the quilt shop. I was tired of being tired. I was also tired of being so cold...the weather is awful and cold.

I mopped the floor in the kitchen. Then I vacuumed the house. It needed it. I also throw a load of laundry in. After all that, I went downstairs.

Since I bought the 6 1/2"square the other day, I figured I better get started on trimming the 9 patches. I'm getting there.

I was thrilled to find out I'm pretty close to perfect when it came to the size. I trimmed a few of them. I need to mark some more muslin for the half triangle squares. I will work on it again tomorrow, hopefully if I'm in the mood. lol

After my cousin (more a sister then cousin) called and we chatted. Afterwards, I decided I wanted to do applique and not do piecing. I finished the embroidery around the flower. Next I get out the 2 fabric applique I'm working o…

Another Rainy, Windy Day....With More Rain Coming!

Today started out behind schedule. Patrick let me sleep and by the time I got up, I had to hurry up and leave to pick up Art. We spent the morning at the casino.

After the casino, I went and got my hair cut. I was getting tired of my bangs getting in my eyes. I had them cut it shorter too, because it's getting too "frizzy." They were sweet, they kept telling me about others coming in to get their hair dyed my color. My hair is starting to turn white! lol

I've been adding the embroidery to the rose. It's giving the rose more details. I need to finish up the bottom part, and then it will be done. Not sure this shows up as good as the real block. I'll finish it up today.

Tomorrow is our meeting because Thanksgiving is next Thursday. I'm not sure if I'll go. The weather lately is really bad. We had a ton of rain - and it's starting to flood in the area.  The winds kicked up after we got home. I'm glad I wasn't out in the car when it got so bad…

Applique Class Over...Went Well

Today I was so tired I didn't want to get up! I took a Zertex because of my allergies, but that was last night. I read for a little bit and sleep pretty good. I finally got up and was a little behind in meeting Ruth.

I then came home, got stuff ready, and headed to the Beginner Applique class that mom and I were teaching (actually mostly me). I talked with mom last night, and we decided what I would do till she got there. I showed everyone how to do the freezer paper method of needle turn. I did have one gal drop, but the rest showed up. They enjoyed today better. I was surprised to find half liked the freezer paper and half liked the back basting. Today went really well. They were going along pretty good. Even one of the gals was a lot faster than the others. She was doing the method of needle turn with the applique piece on top. I do applique with the applique piece on the bottom. I was so surprised at how well she caught on and took off. So, over all, today was a great day! Jus…

A Day Of Fun and Movies!

Today I was actually able to get some things started...yep, I said started.....

I bagged the 9 patches that were on the guilt wall and wrote what I wanted to do with them. That is one more "UFO" project in my stack of them.

Then I pulled out the other blocks that where in the stack. I laid them out to see how I wanted to do them. The top is by putting all the colors together, the bottom is by doing it as a scrap quilt. Neither really looked that good. I figured I was going about it in the wrong way.

So, I marked some muslin and black for half square triangles. I didn't have the paper pieces for 6" squares, I had the 4" size. I will check at the shop tomorrow for the 6" ones. I thought I bought the 6" ones, but I didn't.

Cut and then had to trim them to size. I hate trimming. I need to figure out an easier way to o it. So, I trimmed a couple blocks down to 6 1/2" and decided I'm going to buy the 6 1/2" ruler at the shop. I really don&…

Trunk Show

Since today wasn't a day of applique or quilting, decided to join the Trunk Full of Quilts - 2015 show. It is from Whims and Fancies blog. It's a week long show. Check it out - click on the box below for more details.

This is some of the quilts I have made over the years. Most of them are on the link above.

This quilt was my very first quilt, all hand pieced and hand quilted. I finished this in 1983. I started it in 1979.

This quilt was made for my parents. They still have it. It was done in the 1990's.

This quilt was the second of three. I took a class with Mary Golden back in the 1990's at "Quilting By The Sea." The first on is on my wall in the computer room. I'll have to take another picture of it to add here.

This is the "Road to Oklahoma" that was my second quilt. I made it for Patrick, since we met and married in OK. It was done in Pullman WA, about 1987. Hand pieced and hand quilted.

This was a gift. I can't remember the name of it, …