Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Day of Waiting

Today I was up early and we went walking. We put in a good 1.75 miles. I really enjoy those morning walks. It's been awhile since we were walking because of the weather.

I came home and worked on my Mtruk surveys again. Then I worked on getting some applique ready to work on while waiting for my CT test.

I took out the work on the feather of my eagle I was working on a couple months ago.

As one can tell, it was buckling. I could have taken out just the areas that I was having trouble with, but that won't work either. I like to do it as one whole piece. Sooooo...I did a basting stitch down the middle of it and then basted around the feather. That way I will have it laying flatter and I think the basting through the middle will help. This was ready to take with me.

I also worked on two of the basket blocks to get ready for applique.

Then I decided that wasn't I pulled out the star of the "Baltimore Liberty" block. I basted part of the bow on. All four pieces went with me to the radiology room.

I arrived early. It was quiet and there was an hour and a half that I had to wait. I took the drink, but found out that I was supposed to have taken it all in 20 mins. The gal told me to take a little at a time. I did drink at least half in the 20 mins. Then I took my time with the rest of it. I had about an inch left in the bottle when she showed up. She told me she would have me finish that up. Hopefully it would do what it was supposed to. She wasn't going to make me drink more and wait.

I worked on the star block while I waited.

I'm getting close to having it done. I think I will work on it tomorrow at moms. We have our meeting then. I'm enjoying working on it again. I have another block ready to get started on. I need to cut some more pieces and get another block ready for when I finish the one after this.

Waiting isn't bad - when I have something to work on. I didn't get anything else done but the star. The best part -- I was prepared! I usually don't take enough and then I'm done before I know it.

I have been working on the cross stitch as well. I keep busy with all my projects and I'm a ball at times - bouncing from one thing to another. But each one is getting that much closer to being done. I really do want to start another project, but I'm not going to! I need to finish two projects before I even think about another one. It was working till the end of last year. Yet again, I did finish two of the projects I started after finishing two projects, so I really can't complain. Just have way too much stuff to finish!

It will be awhile before I hear from my doctor. I'm not worried. Life moves on and I'm going to keep doing what I do without killing myself with worry. Not anything to worry about. Just trying to figure out my back pains. In the meantime....Happy Quilting!

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