Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Good Sunday - Being Productive!

Woke early this morning. Played my games and waited on Patrick to get up. Had to make a trip to Ruth's house. I did get a few steps in but not nearly as much as I should! Maybe bowling tonight will help me out. lol

Patrick likes to watch bowling on TV. While we were watching the Pro's, I was finishing up my QOV quilt. The binding is done, and the quilt is finally done! I have a finished project!

It looks great on the bed!

This was quilted by "9 Chicks Quilting" and she did an awesome job. I appreciate what she did for me. Now I just hope the person getting it will appreciate it as well.

After that was done, I went downstairs and made the pillow case.

I had to remember to do it a little backwards, but it worked out great.

This is the end result. I do like the pillow case. It was done with all the scraps I had from the quilt top. I enjoyed working on it. I took a little bit to get the top right. I had to add some red at the end because it was a little short. Both are in the wash as I write this.

Patrick was watching a show I didn't want to watch, so I went back downstairs.

Don't we love my mess?! This was while working on what to do with the pillow case.

So, while Patrick watched his show, I quilted. I got a good section here done.

I was able to get quite a bit done here too. I'm working from the right to the left. Once I get a good amount done, I will roll it again. I actually enjoyed quilting. This area is so tight to quilt in, that I think I'm going to do minimal work in that area. If I keep this up, I'll be out of this area and then can get moving on getting the quilt finished! I don't know why this area seems to keep me from quilting. BUT this is on my 3 months finish projects! So, I'm going to work on it!


I will post my quilt on Instagram for my finished project. I've been amazed at some of the things others have been finishing! They are working a heck of a lot faster than I am!! Guess I better get moving. 

Tonight we are bowling my "other son" and Phil will be there to root for both of us. How much of a bet Phil cheers Dan on more than us! lol They are brothers who are so close it wouldn't surprise me. 

Life is getting better, still praying for Jana Freeman and her family. Hoping she makes it, but it's not looking good. In the meantime, I keep myself busy and try to keep my mind off of all the sad things going on around me. That means I'm still Happy Quilting!

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