Sunday, January 17, 2016

Down With A Cold! UGH

Today I woke feeling awful! Patrick had moved to the couch to let me get some sleep. He didn't want to have to wake me up every time I was snoring or breathing heavy. I took some medication last night so I could sleep but kept waking up. I think I was waking myself up!

Came in the living room and told Patrick to go sleep for awhile in the bed. Poor guy had the couch and that couch isn't very comfortable. Don't know if he will do it again tonight but we will see. I sent a message to my BE group and told them I would not be sharing this cold! I really don't want to go out with this crud!

So, I spend the day in my chair. I played games and worked on my projects.

I basted on 4 of the star flowers on the Baltimore Liberty quilt block.

I worked on the leaves of the friendship block for Bev.

I didn't want to work on the leaves. So, I moved over and started working on the bird. I got the beak and body done. Now I need to do the rest of the feathers for it. 

I basted and appliqued these down. I feel good that I actually did some applique work today, even when I was not feeling up to it.

I have plenty more to do. I have been getting there. I have also been working on my cross stitch. It's coming along great. I may do that this evening.....

Patrick is off bowling. Didn't want to share this with anyone, so I stayed home. I get a text from time to time telling me what he's doing as far as score. I did get my first text telling me who we were bowling. Kinda glad I'm not bowling because the team he's bowling isn't very nice to me. I go to enjoy bowling but there is always a team or two that don't "play nice."

So, I'm going to get dressed in my PJ's and sit here watching TV and cross stitching. If I get tired, I may just go to bed before Patrick gets home.

Each stitch helps. As long as I can put a stitch or two in whatever it is I'm working on, I'm moving along great. One stitch at a time...Happy Quilting!

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