Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Enjoying A Day Without Interruption!

This morning started out with a walk. It was raining this morning but not enough to keep us from walking.

Came home and checked my email for information on the linen and floss that I ordered. Christine as been awesome with my order! She's at the Stitching Shop and I found her through the FB with the Brazilian Embroidery. They have a lot of stuff. I emailed her with what I wanted. She responded so fast! I love the customer service I was given.

I then spent the afternoon working on this. I guess one can say I'm excited about getting started on the next project I have lined up. I know I need to get back to quilting - and will do that tonight.

I did try out the new technique for cross stitch. Parking is interesting. When I first started, I was confused on what color went where because they were so close in color. Once I go the first row done, it got to be easier.

Once I knew what I was doing, it went faster. I do like the technique and I will have to work on it some more to get it going. I can do this. I was happy with how much I got done today. The funny part was I didn't play as much today. I was more determined to get working on this.

I was thinking earlier today that I should pull out the block for Bev and get that done. Yet, I'm not too crazy about doing something for someone else right now. I'm okay with doing a block for Bev, I just wish I didn't have to do a block for her right now. I also have to work on the coasters and thread catchers for the TAS annual meeting. Things I know I need to do, but really don't want to do them right now. I'm enjoying working on my stuff. I guess that makes me selfish, but in the past year I have done more for others than I actually do for myself. As for the QOV quilts I'm honored to do those. I will work on the eagle at our next TAS meeting. I also want to finish up the star block.

There is still a long list of stuff to finish. Whether it's quilting, cross stitch, Brazilian embroidery, or tops for QOV. I'm getting there. As long as I do a little each time, it will get there. I'm more motivated in working on my projects then I have been in a very long time. Last year was a "start." Now I'm working harder at getting there faster. I'm not getting any younger! ;-)

Let's see what tomorrow will bring! Happy Quilting!

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