Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Getting There....

Today was another one of those days. I really didn't want to get up this morning. That's okay because Ruth called and woke me up. We chatted about her trip and what I needed to do for her. By the time she was done, I was awake. She left early this morning.

I headed over to Michael's to get some beads. We are having to bring some of our beads and stuff for scissor fobs. Monday is Brazilian embroidery and we are going to see what everyone has for the fobs. I got 40% off and that came in handy. I had to go online to get the coupons.

Then I headed over to Rose's to work on the project she had for us.

Yep, I actually did some sewing on my machine! I had to "quilt" two pieces of fabrics for the hot pads. It didn't take long and I was in the mood. So, I got a lot more done than Rose did. She was getting stuff and seemed to be busy figuring out where she put stuff. I've had those days! It's usually me that goes through that. Then she fell and I left early so she could put a cold pack on her ankle.

Misty just enjoyed the big dog bed. She was having a great sleep. She would come around and meow for petting.

This is what the hot "bowls" look like. I have the flower as the outside and the sun fabric as the inside. I need to make a couple smaller ones. It was quick. I also need to go buy some 100% batting to do the others.

I then came home. I was earlier than usual which turned out okay with me. I set my sewing machine back up and worked on the binding of the QOV quilt.

I decided to use the red for the binding. I could have done blue, but think the red would work great. I now need to get a little more fabric from Donna for the pillowcase. We have a QOV meeting on Tuesday so I'm going to try and have it finished by then. I'm trying to figure out how I want to do the pillowcase. Tomorrow I will be working on the binding and getting it done by the weekend.

Tomorrow is our meeting (TAS) at the quilt shop. I'm really not in the mood to go, so I'm going to stay home. That way I can go see Donna on Friday for a quick visit. I really don't want to bother with getting everything ready and go to the meeting. I've got way too much stuff going on and I've decided I want to have more time at home and not have to run around all the time. Not that I get that much done at home, but I do like my peace and quiet. I still miss my's no fun without her! I'm getting there.

I realized the fabric I have that I used today, was for a background. I have a quilt in mind and my just do it! It's applique, so I can get working on it. OH NO! I'm thinking of a NEW project...quit that!! Oh, heck - Happy Quilting!

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