Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Day Away....

Today started out fast. Was up and running from the start. Didn't get any walking today, and really did miss that.

I went to my sister-in-law's farm just outside of Centralia.

I went out and took a walk around the house. I love how much stuff there is for really good photos!!

Was checking out their apple tree. It's looking good with plenty of apples.

Love the building they have out there.

This is the front of the same building. I really had a lot of fun walking around. While I was walking around a couple deer showed up.

Checked out the old wheel they have against the barn. Since this is a very old family farm, I'm betting that wheel came over when they first moved here.

Loved the bear that was keeping an eye on the deck! I went out there to enjoy the weather. It was a little cold out there with some sprinkles of rain, but couldn't help myself, I just loved the view!

This is another barn close to the apple tree.

Patricia has her chickens out there too! They were chatting the whole time I was there.

After I took this photo, the cat took off! lol She's one pretty kitty!

This cat was the one outside. Man! When I was out there, she couldn't get close enough to me! I was holding her the whole time I was out there - like a baby, and that wasn't close enough! My coat got covered with fur! lol It was so much fun to give that cat all that love!

While I was there, I got a lot done! I worked on my applique.

I was able to get the leaves appliqued together. I will work on the next parts to this block. I liked doing this applique this way. It was easy enough to work on. I'm going to the the whole block this way. I'm having too much fun!

I also worked on the cross stitch while I was there. I was able to get a lot done! I posted the photos on my Instagram page. I filled in a lot of areas that I missed or left to work on - and didn't get it done. I have a lot to fill in! So, I'll probably do that tonight.

I'm planning on doing the pieces for the applique tomorrow. Then I can work on it some more.

I house sat till about 3 pm today. Came home and we went to my folks house for supper. They did supper since my brother and sister-in-law probably wouldn't be in the mood to after the funeral. I was told it was a good service. I'm glad. Evelyn would have been proud.

I started a book, "Nell's Quilt" which I was able to get 55 pages read. It's interesting. I hope things work out for her, but it almost sounds like she starving herself to death. I will post the book information tomorrow.

I was busy and having fun being Happy Quilting!

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