Monday, June 20, 2016

It's So Good To Be Home!!

I'm not complaining mind you!

Today I was back on track. We walked 2.5 miles. I was actually up at 6 am because Patrick was getting out of the shower then. He had issues at work and was out till midnight with work. Then he left early today to try and get things working. Poor guy didn't get much sleep. So, since I'd been getting up around 6 am every morning it wasn't easy to try and go back to bed - specially when the phone rang.

So, I walked with Ruth and then came home to pick blueberries that are ready in our yard! I was so surprised because they usually aren't ready for another couple weeks.

It is a full tree this year.

I got a good amount today. When I went out this afternoon for some asparagus I noticed there were more ready to pick. Guess the sun got to them today.

Some of the roses is coming out too. They look like they have been eaten on by a bug. I know Patrick is working on fixing that.

I came in the house after all that, sat down, and started falling asleep in my chair. I got up and laid down on the couch......wasn't long before 2 hours went by. I rarely sleep for 2 hours during the day....let alone take naps! I remember telling mom when I was little that I don't do naps. Guess today was one of those days mom was right! lol

I pulled out my cross stitch to get back on the track. I have projects that need to be finished and I need to work on them. I'm free tomorrow as well. I'm hoping to get more done.

I was working on the third bird today.

Today was the day to get caught up on laundry! I had all my clothes as well as Patrick's for the past week. It felt good to get moving on laundry. I didn't get it all done, but I did get it down to one load left. I'll probably do that load tomorrow. I'm also trying to figure out what dessert to make for Patrick. Luckily we have some still from yesterday, so I can keep thinking about it.

I will work on more of my stuff tomorrow. I'm hoping it's one of those days that I do more of my projects. I want to work on the mums and roses Brazilian embroidery piece. I'm really close to finishing it. I will keep working on the cross stitch. Once the mums and roses is done, I can get back to working on the projects from the Seminar. Looking forward to doing some applique as well. That will get me back to being Happy Quilting!

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