Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Day of Both Quilting And Cross Stitch

Today was one day I could actually sleep in - all of 1 hour. I was up and enjoying the time to myself. I got laundry going and I even went downstairs! I worked on my quilt down there! It felt good to finally get back to being downstairs.

I finished up the quilting on the right side. I actually got a good 2 hours in on quilting.

It felt good to get more done.

I was able to roll the quilt! I'm so thrilled. It is getting closer to getting done at this rate. I need to get down there more often! I'm going to try and finish this. If I can do that, I'll have finished at least one quilt for the past 3 years!! Woo Hoo!!

I got this much done last night.

Then I worked on it again last night. I'm liking the way it's looking.

I was able to get this far today. It's looking great. I have been doing pretty good. I was a little lazy today too.

I did vacuum and took two of our kitchen rugs and washed them. I don't know how they got so dirty! It's amazing how clean those two got! I will do the other two tomorrow. It was starting to come apart in the back. We were saying it will last a while and we could always get more rugs later. In the meantime, I want them to look clean when my relatives get here. I still have more clean up downstairs to. At least the sheets are clean for them. teehee

Tomorrow I'll be taking mom to the doctors. We'll see how much I get done tomorrow. May take the English piecing with me. I will need something to work on. teehee

Having fun......Happy Quilting!

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