Monday, July 25, 2016

Another - Best Laid Plans...That DIDN'T Happen!

Today was back to normal. We walked 2.5 miles and got caught up on Ruth's trip to AZ. She had a great time. We had a great chat this morning.

Came back and got some of my games done. I could not believe how tired I was. I thought about taking a nap, but that didn't work. I kept getting up for one reason or another. I kept thinking, I need to do this...I need to go to the bathroom first...I need to clean the kitchen....and the list got done as I kept getting up. Then decided the heck with this, and went downstairs to quilt!

Started out at this point, where the butterfly needed the wing done. I also had the meandering going really well.

Before I knew it, I had the center piece COMPLETELY quilted. I finish it off. Now I'm going to do the meandering more now. I had a couple more needles going. Before long, I was rolling the quilt!

This was the point when I was ready to roll it.

Loving how it's coming along. It wasn't that long ago that the center was in the middle of the quilt frame. Now I can get moving and get this done!

Hard to believe it's going so well now. I was thrilled to roll it again. I did roll it a little more before I called it done for the day.

Last night I worked more on the cross stitch. I'm liking the results. I am just surprised at how long it's taking me. But then again, I didn't get to work on it today because I took Ruth to the eye doctors just in case. So, after the eyes went went to the store. Came home and my cousin Cindy called, so we chatted for awhile. Then it was time for supper, and here I am 2 hours behind. So, we'll see just how much I get done today. I still have to post on Instagram.

I have to get moving, so will just say, Happy Quilting!

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