Monday, July 11, 2016

Another Monday Day....

Today started out like every other weekend. Yep, walked 2.5 miles.

Got home and got ready for my time in town. Needed to get my hair cut (actually trimmed), bank, and then post office. I needed to get some stuff done and was able to get it all done in an hour and a half. That made me feel good. Came home and had lunch.

After lunch, I worked on my block.

It turned out great.

I need to iron it and it's done. It came out pretty good. It will go with the other blocks. Now that I have some colors to work with, I can get the next block or two worked on to go together.

After that, I worked on my cross stitch. Ended up taking out just as much as I put in. I can't wait to try that new method I have read about on Instagram. He does an awesome job and I'm going to try his technique. I was going to post his name but can't find him right now.

Took out way too much today! Oh, well. Happy Quilting!

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