Saturday, July 2, 2016

Beautiful Day!

Today is another one of those days. I woke and played a few games before Patrick was up. We decided to get some shopping done. We headed up to Olympia to Costco. We figured we'd get some meat and head back. Then we'd go shopping to Safeway.

First we went to JoAnn Fabrics....Patrick can be a sweetheart! We walked in, and the line was a good block long. He got in line while I went to get some fabric for my embroidery. I couldn't find what I wanted but I did find a beige that was close. I picked my number, seeing they were serving #64. I then went and got two hoops for framing. I waited some more. Saw Patrick half way down the line.....10 mins later, the gal is still chatting with her customers, and taking her dear sweet time. After 15 mins, I put my fabric back, walked down to Patrick and said, I'm, done. He asked if there was something I wanted to get 'cause he'd wait. He had actually gone all the way done the line, and after letter 5 people go by, he got back in line! What a Sweetie!! Told him nope, not going to do that. We left. I'll check on line. Not going to JoAnn's again after that!

We did all that. The traffic was okay, but think we got a little lucky because it was slower than usual and busier than usual.

Came home and helped Phil pick a few berries. He got a few berries to enjoy.

I'm still getting work in on my cross stitch. Since I have to post daily what I've been doing, it's been keeping me up on track. I'm having fun working on this! I can't wait to start on the outlines.

Not much going on today, other than shopping and watching some John Wayne movies! I'm having a blast! Happy Quilting!


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