Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Busy Day!

Today started out fast and out the door. I went to pick Art up and go to Red Wing Casino. It was our monthly trip. I didn't do that great, but I did come home with some money and that's all that matters some times.

I got home just before Patrick. We had a guy show up for the roof. I wasn't too thrilled with him and the best part was it wasn't to work on the roof, but to give an estimate. I listened to his walking up there and found that he really didn't walk around much. Trouble was that his estimate was $2500 more than the other guy. So, I'm not going with him! Actually that should be "we."

So, my day for doing any crafts didn't happen....yet. I really wanted to do some quilting today, but it didn't work out. That's okay, sometimes life gets in the way.

I did get some back stitching done. I'm hoping to get more done. I really didn't get much last night. I was busy doing a few other things. I really am getting used to the back stitching. At first I didn't like it but now that I'm looking at it a different way and through the camera, it's okay.

All's looking good. This week is quilting on Fridays at moms. This weekend is going to be busy and I'm going to have to clean up my quilt room again. We are having the family reunion on the 31st, so I'll have to clean for relatives coming. I don't want them to see what a mess I can make of things. lol I really do need to try and get a few things done before they come. I'll see about sewing tomorrow. Try and get a hour of each....or is that hoping too much?! Here I go again with more ideas....ideas...and more ideas....ugh.

Haven't heard from the Veteran's Museum on the plaque. I need to hear from the soon. We want to get the "fellows" all together to see it. Time will tell.

Okay, I seriously need to get working on finishing another project this year! This cross stitch is on it's last legs and I'm going to get it done! Keeping up on my days on Instagram....love those other cross stitcher's, they are SO helpful and inspiring! I just love seeing what they are up to. I also have Jeannie Kimbill on my following list. She has some awesome stuff. Lately she has been doing a lot of traveling.

Life is good, and I'm still keeping on track! Happy Quilting!

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