Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I Actually Quilted Today.....

Today was a day without walking in the morning. I goofed around for a little bit and then went downstairs.

I tightened the quilt on the frame, loaded up my quilt needles for quilting, and set up my table to enjoy as well.

Once I was set up, I was ready to go. Even turned the TV on to see some shows.

Sized the quilt up to see what needed to be done. I need to finish quilting about 6 inches on this side of the quilt, then I can roll it again.

Spent the next 2 hours quilting. I was able to finish the quilting on the center boarder. That made me happy because now I can get moving on the butterfly lines and finish this up!

I do have a little more to do on the tips but otherwise this is ready to move on. I'll try and quilt the right side tomorrow. If I can get myself to just go down and quilt at least an hour a day, I can get this thing finished! I seriously need to do that.

After quilting, I came up and did some laundry. Then mom called and wanted me to order a couple things for her. I decided to take a walk and order them when I get back. Took a 2.3 mile walk on my own. Then came home to order the shower head for mom. Called Patrick to check on its quality. He told me to tell mom he was buying one for her. That took care of that. Then I called the physical therapist on ordering mom's ankle weights. Got those for her since she's having hip surgery on the first.

After all that, I took some beets down to Ruth to see how she was doing. She looks great and will be ready for walking in the morning. I'm glad. She gave me some stuff to make a cake for the potluck tomorrow. Came home and baked a cake for tomorrow.

Now I'm relaxing and getting ready to work on my cross stitch. I've been getting more and more done on both my quilting and my cross stitching, so really can't complain.

Happy Quilting!

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