Friday, July 8, 2016

Quilting and Visit With A Friend.

Today Ruth wasn't up to it to today was not the "norm" for me. I didn't get out and walk. I did get the cake ready for our quilt meeting. I had told the group I would make the cake for the meeting.

I left early to go to moms. I brought along the cake. Then one of the gals came in with a pie. I couldn't believe it. I had told everyone that I would bring the desert. Oh, well. I worked on my "patchwork and crosses" at mom. I found her scraps and started cutting out the piece. I did get quiet a bit done before I had to leave. I got tired of cutting, so I started to applique the center of my blocks flower.

I worked a little on this block.

At about 11 am, I left for my meeting with a friend. We had lunch and laughed about a few things. It was good to see her, hadn't seen her in about 6 months. She's looking good.

Came home and worked a little more on the block. I wanted to take pictures of my blocks so far. Then I noticed my "Guilt wall." I took this down so I could see how the blocks were looking.

So far so good. I'm liking what I see. 4 blocks are done. The one on the right was turned into me today by Nancy. I need to take them back for them to sign their blocks.

This is Nancy's block.

Ethel's block.

Mom did this one.

Bev did this one. I still need to add the yellow in the center of the purple area.

Last night I worked on the two hummingbirds on the sides. It's coming along and I'm getting excited about getting this done. The outlining is really going to be fun!

But tonight I'm going to work on the block. I need to get one of the four blocks done. If everyone is starting to turn theirs in, then I need to get moving on them. I really do want to finish it as it comes in. Which means, I'm still Happy Quilting!


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