Monday, July 18, 2016

Tried Cleaning My Computer...UGH

This morning I got my 2.55 mile walk in. I won't be walking with Ruth the rest of the week, because she's off to Las Vegas with her 4 daughters. Should be interesting for her. lol

I helped her with her computer and then come home to run off to our Brazilian embroidery meeting. We had 6 of us showing up. We did miss 4 of our members. It was fun! We really get to laughing when we get together.

I started working on the second bird of the bird feeder. I needed to do some work on the wing, so that is what I'm doing now. I had the belly work in there, but I'm going to add more yellow in the belly. That will be a little later, as I'm still working on finishing the cross stitch. All because of my posts all summer of what I'm working on.

Came home and worked on the cross stitch till I had the doctors appointment. I wanted to make sure I was okay with my legs swelling up so much. It's normal, so I guess I'm least that's what they think. lol

When I came home I got dinner going and then sat down to work on the computer.....well, that was an hour process....I had cleaned up my computer yesterday! I turned my computer on and it had that wonderful message of information lost on Windows, and it needed to be fixed. Panic! I know I didn't get rid of anything that was supposed to be least I didn't think I did. Apparently, I did. So, for the past 1 1/2 hours, the computer has been repairing itself. UGH!! That left me with less time to work on the computer......dang!

While the computer was fixing itself - I worked on my cross stitch.

I finished the framing and now I'm working on the out lines. I' really not that happy with the way they have this for outlining. At this point, I'm not going to fuss over it, because there really isn't anything I can about it now. If I had thought about it, I would have added 1/2 stitches or even quarter stitches.

I did get a needle case pattern today, based off my grandmother's pattern. I am going to do mine a little different so it's more like a book then opening from the skirt. I know! Another project! I need to finish the cross stitch. I seriously need to finish a couple more projects before getting onto more projects. But I really do need the needle case.....but I also need to finish my projects! I need to spend more time downstairs, and since I'm at the casino tomorrow, that won't happen.

I will TRY to get downstairs this week to work on my projects....I NEED to get down there and finish at least one of those projects....REALLY, REALLY, NEED to FINISH something SOON!

Okay, off to finishing the cross stitch, as I'm excited to start another one!! At least my embroidery is ONE project at a time!.....Let's see how long that lasts.......Oh, well.

Happy Quilting!!


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