Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Working at QOV Meeting

Today started out with a long walk - nothing new there. We then picked blueberries at Ruth's place. We got two tubs full. There is more to pick and will probably pick them tomorrow too. I need to pick ours, so if we don't do hers I'll be picking ours.

After getting home, I got the sewing machine packed up and ready to go. I even made some lunch that was tuna and crackers. I loaded up the car and realized I didn't have something to drink. I planned on going to Mickey D's for ice tea. Trouble was, the car decided not to start. I tried about 4 times before calling Patrick to let him know the car was not running. I text'd Donna to save a spot and that my car wouldn't start. Patrick said he was coming to jump start the car. I thought after about 5 mins, I could try one more time. Wouldn't you know it, it worked. Called Patrick and said the car was running, so he didn't need to come.

Got on the road, realizing I missed my drink, so had to detour to get my ice tea. Made it to Ruby Street Quilt Works by 10:45 am. So, I was about 15 mins later that I wanted to be. We had a good meeting. Plenty of quilts coming in and that makes me feel good. I need to get another quilt done for them, as everyone else is getting a lot more done then me.

The other day, I did finish this. I'll have a photo of it tomorrow as I'm going to redo the "knob" on the post. Donna and I agree that it needs to be black. I bought some black and blue fabric today. I got the blue to work for stars to go on this quilt. I'm going to make different blocks and then try to put them all together on the quilt.

Had the bright idea to do half square triangles at the meeting. I got a lot of them done. ONLY problem with that was that #1 they were the wrong size and #2 the set I pinned while there, I got the front of the fabric on the back! One can see what I did in this photo! I wasn't too happy about it, but Donna said to leave it. We can still use them. I figured what the heck, I will leave them. I ended up cutting the 3" blocks when I actually needed the 4" blocks. So, now I have about 3 different sizes going on! Never fails. I now have more work to do! More blocks, more fabrics, and more "pain in the butt." Oh, well, life is good and I'll get it done. May end up with a lot more quilt tops and that's good too.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get more done in the way of Happy Quilting!


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