Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Trying to Decide WHAT to Work on...................

I was up shortly after Patrick left for work. Enjoyed my morning and told myself I would go downstairs to work on an eagle, dad's quilt, the 9 patch quilter, or even just quilt.....well....guess I couldn't decide! When I finally went down there I looked at the eagle pattern and realized it was bigger than the "salvage to salvage" size. I need to cut down the wings.....or can I do something different.

So, pulling out my patterns, looking them over and trying to decide what I'm going to do....found a pattern and decided to use those wings on the eagle body I'm already using......that means I have to pull the light box out....that means I need to re-do the pattern. Okay, that can wait. Then I pulled out the fabric for dad's quilt. I needed to make some more half square triangles.

Only had a small amount of the red and blue fabric. Will do want I can with what I have. Oh, great, a phone call. While she talked, I cut enough squares for 3 blocks to be completed. I need to cut more, but will do that later. By the time I decided what  was doing, it was 1 pm. I realized, if I don't go down there in the morning, chances are I won't go down there.

I had to reorganize my patterns on the peg board. They all fell down the other day. Patrick told me it was the patterns we heard, and I actually thought he would pick them up.....nope. They were still on the floor. So, I organized them. Found a couple cross stitch patterns I'm going to do next. Just need to decide which one will be first.

So, my table is back to having a big mess. I have more to clean again.

I came upstairs.

I appliqued the third stripe. I need to work on the rest of it. I was looking for my friendship block I was working on earlier. Couldn't find it and think I left it at mom's with the box. 

I did get some cleaning done today. Between laundry and vacuuming, I did sit and work on my cross stitch. I'm really not do that good with deciding what I want to work on. If I could do the deciding sooner, I would get more done! 

I have been getting more and more done. I do like this piece. I know it's going to take a long time, but I'm actually wanting to work on this more than I want to do applique or quilting. I seriously need to finish the quilt. I can't seem to be interested in quilting lately. I'll get back on track and do both! 

I'm getting there....working on it.....trying to be Happy Quilting!

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