Sunday, October 2, 2016

It's The End of The Week....

Today I enjoyed sleeping in....I actually slept in! I was up for a short time before Patrick got up. I slept great last night - another unusual thing for me! Then the rest of my day went down hill!!

Patrick was a sweetheart and loaded my FTM program onto my laptop. I loaded the information on my computer, and then it crashed.....okay, let's start over. Restored the information for a second time. Then tried to hook to the internet through the program. Was told there wasn't a connection to the program, yet the "internet connection" was connected. No luck. I need them both to work...ugh. After a few hours of trying to figure things out, decided to just turn the computer off.

I then sat and watched the Seahawk's game and worked on my cross stitch.

I am getting to the house that shows up in this one. I was able to get 250 stitches in today. I was having withdrawals not being able to cross stitch. Funny how I never feel that way about quilting!

While I was loading this photo to my photos, my FTM program started loading all my photos that go to the program! I'm loading a TON of photos! I had scanned them on the old computer to go straight to the program, but I guess the program decided I needed them on my photo box! UGH So, it's loading as I type this....should be interesting when it's done!

We had bowling tonight and I bowled a 168, 170 and 191. Blew it in the 10th frame on that last game. Can't complain since Patrick did worse than me on that last game. Our bowling partner, Nick, bowled a 300 game! It was nice! That's the second partner we've had that bowled a 300 game.

Guess I'm going to be up a while so it can load all those photos! oh,well....Happy Quilting!

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