Friday, October 28, 2016

Quilting With Friends

Today I was up even before Patrick. I woke around 4 am and was in and out of sleep all night. I got up and went downstairs to go through my cross stitch magazines. I wanted the "Family Tree" pattern that I thought I had. I think I sold that magazine. So, I decided to look for another pattern I had, and realized I sold it or gave it away when I cleaned out my magazines. I thought I would never get to them. I found a few more patterns I want to make. So, I'm going to get a few patterns put together to work on. I went on ebay and bought the two patterns I was looking for. Decided it was easier that way!

 I was at my neighbors just about 8 am. We walked a mile. She wouldn't have been able to go anymore than that. She's doing great getting out and walking.

I came home and grabbed my stuff and headed over to moms for quilting.

Arrived at the folks house to find moms neighbor parked her car in the driveway where I always park. I had to park a couple houses down from mom. She told me I could handle the walking, so she took my parking spot. I usually park there because I stay longer then everyone else. Got in the house and half of them were already there. Went to get tea, and the tea pot was empty. Not a way to start my day! I had to make more tea. Then two more members came in and took my chair. I had to move, but mom gave me her chair and sat next to me in a "diner chair." Really not my day. I told mom she could have her seat but she said that was fine.

I worked on the "flowers" or cheese or what ever they are. I then was ready to put my mice on. OH NO, they were going the WRONG way! Since I marked this "back-basting," I had reversed the pattern. So, because I reversed the pattern, the mice where not reversed.

These are no good! They were done with freezer paper and going in the right direction. Because I had the pattern reversed, and didn't reverse the freezer paper mice, I couldn't use them. So, I put the (back) ear on and have one done. I have the other two to do then I'll do the head. It shouldn't take long, and will continue with the back basting method.

I haven't had a chance to work on my cross stitch today. When I got home, Patrick was shortly behind me. I enjoyed time with Miss Kitty. Patrick wanted to go out, so we went to McMenimins for supper and a movie. We saw "Suicide Squad" again. We got home about a half hour ago. Which means - NO time to work on ANYTHING tonight. At least I got a little closer with my block. Mom had three blocks done and working on another. We started getting the fabrics for another block. So, at this rate she is doing most of the work! She's not waiting on me. LOL

I was thinking last night - YEA, I know, not a good thing! Anyway, I was thinking about all this stuff I've been making....what happens to it when I'm gone. Will it get thrown out? If it goes to my kids, then what? I don't have grandchildren to pass this on to, and I probably won't have grandchildren to share my crafts. I've seen a lot of crafts (quilts, embroidery, crocheting, etc) that have been thrown away. I'm going to be the end of my generations of crafters. That's life, and I'm okay with it. My dream was to be able to pass down what I know, but that won't happen. I hope my crafts are appreciated after I'm gone.

Happy Quilting!

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