Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Day Away.....

This morning I was up early, and to my surprise, so was Patrick.

We went to the casino. Not much to report there. Then we went to the movies - "Dr. Strange." That was an awesome movie. I could follow it just fine. I was trying to remember what "Dr. Strange" was about in the comics when we were kids. For some reason I thought he was a bad guy, but he was actually good. When I told mom what movie we went to, she asked if it was the older movie. I didn't realize their was a 1940's movie. Guess I'll have to find that one!

We got home and my neighbor called to tell me Miss Kitty was out around Jackson Hwy. I called her back. I'm now a little worried because there are drivers out there that go after pets. I've seen too many animals get killed on that Hwy. I don't know how I'm going to keep her away from there. She's not comfortable in the house yet, and I hate to think of what will happen.

I've been getting a lot more done on my cross stitch.

I'm excited about getting the house done. I'll be doing more tonight. I did miss not working on it today, but I was able to get some work in after the movie. It's coming along nicely.

Tomorrow is travel league, but the best part is that it will be here at our bowling alley and not down south. Looking forward to having a week to myself again. I did enjoy my daughter's visit and wish she could have stayed longer. She made it back with her new car. It was an awesome car. I'm wishing I had a newer car now! lol

I will be going to moms this week to help her baste a quilt she wants to work on. She wanted me to come on Monday but realized she didn't have it completely ready. I need to get a hold of Barb to see if she will baste another quilt for me as well.

In the meantime, remember to be Happy Quilting!

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