Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Day For Brazilian Embroidery

Today I didn't have to go to the neighbors. So, I started out with laundry.

I pulled out the tubs that I bought yesterday at Michaels.

I loaded one up with my "currant" Brazilian embroidery stuff. This will hold all I need when I go to my meetings. That way I can work on what's inside and not have to go looking for anything else.

I also filled the other tub with quilting stuff. All the stuff I'm working on for quilting. I emptied my bag and filled it all in the tub. Don't know who that is going to work when I go to the doctors appointments, but I'll figure something out. They will work for meeting and since I go to meeting more then appointments, it's not going to matter.

I pulled out the block I was working on yesterday for Felicia's quilt.

I decided to keep working on this today. I would have done some cross stitch, but wanted to get this done and ready for Monday. I called Phyllis to see if she could do the presentation for me on Monday. That way I could go to my folks appointment with them at Harborview in Seattle. We talked about what to do, and she's game. She's going to help me out.

After Patrick got home, I did more work on the block.

I asked him what color would work for this piece. He said to use both of the purples. So, I am. I have one more "cast on" stitch to do. Then I'll put the "pistol stitch" and then work on the buds off the other branches. After that, I'm not sure what I will add. It will be a wait and see.

I called Micheal's to hold 4 more tubs for tomorrow. I may wind up with an extra. I'm planning on getting one more to have here at my chair to clear up my mess. It might actually make Patrick happy for me to have a place to put all my mess.

Tomorrow is quilting at moms. Happy Quilting!

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