Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Getting Closer To Finishing

This morning was a day of walking with Ruth and then going to Cherrill's and getting her socks on. The funny part was the weather. It POURED at 4:30 am. I waited about 5 mins before thinking of leaving to see if the rain was here or not. We were able to get a half mile in on walking. Then came home.

Most of my morning was gone. I played on my tablet for a while. Then I made myself get moving.

I pulled out my quilt and had 7 areas to work on in the border. I finished 5 of them and the corner. I have two left to do. THEN tomorrow I can work on the binding. IF I'm in the mood to get on the sewing machine....wish I could just go down and work on it, but sewing machines are not my most fun thing to work on. I'll see how it goes. If I do go down tomorrow, I will need to make the pillowcase that Donna gave me to work on last month.

I didn't get any stitches in on the cross stitch. I will tomorrow.

I did get more TLC time in with my kitty!

She has to keep an eye on the door. She's always looking at it as if it will open up for her.

She's my sweety!

My cactus plant is blooming! I love all those flowers!

Happy Quilting!

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