Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Month In Review

Today I was able to sleep in a little. Went to help the neighbor with her socks. Then came home and enjoyed some time with Miss Kitty.

I was able to get some stitching done today.

It's coming along great.'s the month in review:

While dog sitting and during BE group, I was able to finish the bird on the left and started working on the bottom bird on the right. Really having fun with these and can't wait to get back to working on them.

My three pieces of applique that I needed to get back to. I'm working on all of these.....but I'm close to finishing the friendship block on the top. I just realized I missed the block I finished and the block I did for Felicia.

This will be put in a quilt for another time.

Then I also worked on the SAL cross stitch piece.

Not a bad month for me! Oh, I also finished the quilt.....did more than I thought.

Bowling was tonight. We won 3 games, and I bowled pretty good. Got a 554 series. We had a good time! My high game was 198.

Happy Quilting!

Family Is Starting To Arrive

I just realized I hadn't posted yesterday. Funny how that happens. One minute I think I did, the next minute I realized I didn't. ...