Saturday, November 26, 2016

Movie Day

Today was one of those days I couldn't sleep with anything! I kept waking up every so often. Then the phone rang for Patrick at about 4 am again. Shortly after that, Patrick went out on the couch (guess I was snoring again!). At about 6 am I went out and told him to trade places with me! Since I couldn't sleep, I might as well let him sleep. We traded places, and he slept till about 10:30 am. As for me, I was up at 7 am.

We planned on going out to the movies. We left early to get a quick day of it. We saw the Disney movie, MOANA.  It was an awesome movie. I really enjoyed that! We were home by about 3 pm. Then we sat and watched another Disney movie with Don Knotts. It was the on where he turned into a fish. I hadn't seen that movie in years! I forgot some of it but remembered more than I thought I would. After that we enjoyed another cartoon. After supper we ended up watching "The Sons of Katie Elder." I had to see if it was based on the true story. Yes it was, but it was based on the Marlow family and not the Elder family. I do have a Marlow in my family, but don't think it's the same family. If it had been based on the Elder family, then it would have been my family. It was interesting to see the true story on the Marlow. Well worth looking into. But then I love history, so it was fun. 

I'm a history "buff" and love to see true stories about families. It brings things to life. The same of all this is that today most people don't want to hear about the past. Since they aren't interested in the past, we keep repeating the bad parts of the history. 

I was working on my cross stitch again today while watching TV. I'll get more done tonight. It's really coming along! Love it!

Best wishes, Happy Quilting!

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