Sunday, November 20, 2016

Seahawk Day! And Binding!

Today started out early. I'm back to feeling good. I was up at my usual time today. Enjoyed the time to myself. Had my tea and croissant. I enjoyed that!

I pulled out the bread pan and made my Scandinavian Almond Bread. It didn't take long and it turned out great.

Then it was time for the game....Seahawks!

So with my knees up and the quilt on my lap, I stitched on the binding....and watched the SEAHAWKS WIN!!

I was happy to be able to get two sides done. I have another side plus a little to get it done. Patrick asked if I had the quilt done yet, told him, "Nope, binding are a pain and I have to be in the mood." (smiling)

Enjoyed my kitty as well.

She was more interested in finding birds, even when it was raining. Go figure.

We had bowling tonight. Got our butts kicked. I bowled a 153, 194, 186.  I thought I would really be in trouble with bowling, and then I finally got three strikes to get me the 186. The team we bowled was missing a person. On top of that the last person to bowl waited till Patrick (our last bowler) got up to bowl. He didn't through a ball till after Patrick throw his first ball. I had to wait a long time sometimes to just get up there to bowl. It's a pain in the rear when I have to wait to bowl. The person in front of me doesn't get up there to bowl. UGH! So, I feel pretty lucky to get what I did tonight. My timing and rythem (sp) was off.

Tomorrow is BE. We will be talking about the loss of Felicia. Tomorrow is another day....Happy Quilting!

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