Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday...A Day Of Excitement and Blah!

Today started out with me sleeping in. Woke at 4 am to Patrick telling me I'm snoring again. I got up and took my Zyrtec and went back to bed. Then I woke at 9 am. Felt good to get a few (and I mean few) hours of sleep.

I enjoyed an hour of TLC time with Miss Kitty. She came in the house and stayed with me till Patrick got up. She's still gun shy around Patrick. Hopefully she will loosen up soon.

I let her out, then she came back in, and then back out. So, I made her make up her mind!

Don't think she was enjoying that part. She wanted me to let her in, but when I opened the door, she didn't come in. So, gave up.

My daughter-in-law was back in the hospital. So, I went over and gave my grand doggie some TLC. She enjoyed a few minutes in my lap.

While she was sitting in my lap, I worked on my bird.  have more to do on it, but this is a start. I do notice the beak and I'm thrilled I can see it.

I was able to put about 100 more stitches in on this. I'm liking the way it's coming along. I'm getting close to my gal! I saw a design that someone was working on, and realized I had that! So, I'm going to pull out one of my Paula Vaughn patterns and may do one of those in the next one. I'm not sure which will actually be next, because I have Katt's stocking and Santa that I want to do as well. The stocking I want to have done by next year, so I'm thinking that one will actually be next.

I'm still working on my applique when I can. I still have them ready to work on, and I'm getting time in once in awhile to work on them. I really need to finish up a few things in the way of quilts. I have a lot of unfinished projects there, and now I think I know why. So, I'm going to try and get moving on finishing a few of them up.

Bowling was tonight - my series was 467 - so that tells one how BAD I was. Patrick did good, so he's passed me again on average. I need to kick it up! The whole team bombed! We all did bad!

Oh, well, life goes on....Happy Quilting!

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