Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Day With Friends At Quilting

Today I was enjoying not having to get up early...and then I did. Kitty was out and about after Patrick left. He always opens the garage door for her when he leaves. I couldn't figure out if she was outside or inside. She just showed up when I opened the door.

We spent part of the morning together. It's almost like having a 2 year old in the house. She follows me around and if she doesn't see me, she meows to find me.

She's been sticking with me ever since she got back from the vets. Today was the first day she was ready to get around more. Played more. She's outside now, and I'll check on her later to get her in the garage. Just hope she doesn't wake me up at 11:30 pm to go in the garage.

I headed out around 10 am to the post office. I was thrilled to see more stuff sold on eBay. Now I've got 3 things I'm waiting on to sell. Then I'll post what's left or add more on Monday or Tuesday. They usually sell on the weekends. During the week they don't move at all.

Headed to the quilt shop after getting a $1 large ice tea at McD's. When I arrived, I wondered if anyone was going to be there. Shortly after that, they started arriving. We had a good time. They talked about doing a quilt for a donation. We picked out a pattern and everyone picked their blocks they want to do.

I got all the flags done. (background of flags) I need to get the blue for the blue part of the flag. I need to baste that part one and get working on this.

Came home around 2 pm and Kitty came in to spend the rest of the day with me. I worked on my cross stitch.

Had some of it done last night and worked on it more with Kitty in my lap.

I was able to get this much done and pretty much caught up. Now I'll be getting the next part tomorrow. Trying to decide if I want to keep it out and work on the next part or put it away for a little bit.

I'm still working on finishing a few things. I need to get back to the HAED project and get moving on that. Plus I WANT to finish the Nantucket Rose. I even have 2 more things lined up to work on after I get them done.....ugh...ugh...ugh. PLUS I'm finding more patterns I want to do! OUCH

In the meantime, stay Happy Quilting!

A Day Of Quilting With Friends

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