Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Back to Crocheting!

Today I was up early - even though I thought I could go back to sleep. Let Kitty in and she kept me from going back to sleep. So, got up and went to Cherrill's to get her compression socks on. She's getting better. While I was having tea with her, Kitty was at her sliding glass door meowing at me to hurry up. So, I left. Kitty walked back with me (or ran). Then she came in and gave me a hard time. I let her back out!

At around 11 am Ruth called to go walking. Cherrill met us outside and we all walked 1 mile. We went back and forth up the neighborhood. We stopped and talked to the two guys that were assessing the houses. Around 1 they came to our house. So, looks like our house is getting assessed along with all the others in the neighborhood. After walking Kitty came back and slept in my lap or on the couch.

While she was sleeping I was working on my great neice's afghan. She's a month old and I still don't have it finished. I figured I better get moving. So, I got some more done on that today.

It's about half done. I will try and get this done for a "finish" for this year!

Last night I stayed up for awhile and worked on my "Nantucket Rose."

Got to her chin.

She's coming alive! I love the way this is coming out. The tree is coming alive as well.

Bowling tonight as well! I bowled a 144, 168, 226. I started out great on the first game but then in the last 5 frames got 3 splits that didn't get picked up. We won 3 games. Got our clocks cleaned on the second game. Patrick bowled a 212 in the third game as well. He beat me in series by 12 pins. UGH!

I've got more to sell on eBay and will probably work on that tomorrow. Next week is going to be busy, but I'll try and enjoy the next couple days! 😊

Happy Stitching!

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