Saturday, February 11, 2017

Enjoyable Afternoon

This morning I was up early - nothing new there...and enjoyed some time with Kitty while Patrick slept. He didn't get up till around 10 am, so I didn't get over to Cherrill's till 10:30 am. 

We decided to go to the Batman Lego movie. We had about 2 hours to wait, so I worked on the Nantucket Rose cross stitch. I have the face done and working on the hair now. It's really coming along too! Was able to get about 200 stitches in before we headed to the movies. 

It was a little funny and a little silly, but it was entertaining, if one doesn't count for the fact that I was tired when watching it. After the movies we headed down to Kelso Red Lobster. We had an awesome dinner. I did noticed the prices have gone up. But the meal was good. 

Came home and I made a Homemade Kit Kat bar. 

It's in the refrigerator now. I wanted to make something for Dan for Valentines Day, since I can't do anything for my kids. This way, I can do something for one of them. lol 

Got home to find my "happy mail" waiting for me. 

Loved the note that Erik sent to me! I laughed when I saw it! Told my Instagram followers that I had to frog some of my SAL. I ordered one skein but paid over $2 for the shipping, and Erik was sweet by giving me 2 skeins. I'm thrilled. Worth working with him!! 

Tonight I'll be back to working on Nantucket Rose. 

Yesterday when I was at mom's, I saw the quilt she's quilting now. She had it on the bed to see if it would go with the wall hanging she just finished and put up in the bedroom.

I love the quilting she's doing on this one. 

This is big enough for their King size bed. 

She got the quilting pattern from the newspaper clipping that were saved and we bought for the patterns. She worked out the design with some of the patterns in the newspapers. 

Happy Quilting!!

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