Friday, February 24, 2017

Trying to Get Caught Up...

This morning I didn't feel like getting up. Called Ruth to see to Cherrill today. We cancelled our lunch appointment. I wanted to go back to bed. Kitty wanted to play with my feet instead. I did get another 30 minutes in. We finally got up. I relaxed in my pj's till about noon. When I did go to take a shower, I was real shaky, so didn't stay in the shower long.

In the afternoon I watched my shows and worked on my cross stitch. I needed to get caught up on my SAL's.

I started out working on my challenge piece. I was able to get 200 stitches in before I got tired of how tight it gets.

This is where I ended my SAL last time. It's about 2 parts before. Now I'm working on the next two parts.

I was able to get this much done. I'm going to work on more tonight and tomorrow. I'm hoping to get caught up. Part 11 came out today, so I'm working on it.

Since I was running low on my floss for the trees, I ordered more - today's mail! I'm happy! I still have some more stuff coming in the mail.

I worked on getting my floss organized for my next project. Katt's Christmas Stocking. I rolled the floss and organized it in the box. I will probably be taking this one on the cruise. We'll see.

Mom called asking if I was going over to their house for quilting today. Told her no, was sick. She said she didn't think I'd be going but wanted to check on me. Then hung up. lol

Happy Quilting/Stitching!

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