Monday, February 20, 2017

Under the Weather...UGH

Yesterday started out with me getting Patrick's cold....that he has had all week. It finally got me and I felt like crap. So, between sleeping and trying to get up and around....

I was able to get some cross stitching done.

It was going pretty good because I didn't have to change my floss as often. It's more rows of the same color. That makes it easier and faster to do.

Bowling was last night but I didn't make it. Patrick went. They bowled against a team that didn't show up to bowl. So, he was home by 8:10 pm.

This morning I woke to Patrick being on the couch. I felt bad about that. He said he didn't want to wake me but I had been snoring...which I do when I get sick or have allergies.

I worked on some laundry and got some sourdough bread going for tomorrow.

We watched a couple movies today while I worked more on my cross stitch.

I was able to get a lot more done. I am happy at how it's coming out.

I asked Ruth to do Cherrill the next two days. I had to say no to the casino tomorrow. Can't go next week because of dental appointment...ugh. I feel so worn out! I've been drinking a LOT today as well. Hoping this doesn't last a week like Patrick's been going through. He's still coughing. I haven't had to cough as much.

I did list a few more things on eBay today. I also boxed up what sold and have them ready to go to the post office.

I want to go to the shop and pick up some fusible batting. I have a few things I want to make. AND YES, it has to be done on the sewing machine....ugh. But I really do want to make a couple envelope bags.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another day of Happy Stitching!

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