Had a Good Day!

This morning I slept in. Patrick got tired of my snoring and went out on the couch. I offered but he told me to stay in bed. I woke about an hour later, and he was still asleep on the couch. So, Miss Kitty and I were quietly enjoying TLC time while he slept. She would move every time he rolled over. It was comical!

Then Patrick called Katt. We realized her Birthday is in 2 days and we both completely forgot! So, we all laughed about that. She's doing good. She was saying how she wants her quilt. So, I told her I would keep her up on what's going on with the quilt. We chatted for awhile, love hearing from her!

After chatting with Katt, I went downstairs and pulled her quilt out to see the size. I measured it after I got it set up for basting.

First I sewed a seam around the quilt. I'm told this works great for machine quilters. I'm hoping it will help with the basting as well.

Then I ironed it. I also worked on the back and trimmed the strands that float around. I worked on the back so there isn't a lot of fraying. I was surprised at how much there was. I couldn't get it all, but did the best I could. Then I measured it to 98" x 104" so it's a pretty good size.

I let Barb know I would be bringing it Thursday to have her baste it.

After I got the quilt ready, I decided to work on Nantucket Rose. I was able to get quiet a bit done today, but then again, I was also falling asleep or I could have had more done. I've really been having a hard time staying awake during the day. Not sure if it is the cold or if something else may be going on. I still have the cough and it's been a little over 2 weeks. I'm hoping it's just trying to get rid of the cold.

I'm getting excited about getting this done. It's getting close. I was teasing Katt that if I get it done on her Birthday, "does that mean techniquely, it's yours?" She said she wasn't worried about that part, she just wanted her quilt. She's hoping for it by Christmas....so, I guess that means I better get moving!

Life is good, today was a good day! I'm back on track.

We had bowling tonight. I bowled a 183, 179, 163. Not my best night, but it was a good one! Had 4 splits in the last game. We split the wins, 2 for us and 2 for them. We could have had three but our partner got ticked off and didn't try. Oh, well. At least Patrick got a 604 series.

Happy Quilting! and Happy Stitching!

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