Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another day....

Since the other day, I have quilted a little more on the Hawaiian quilt, but I have also been playing games and working on my genealogy for my Taylor family.

While I was quilting on the Hawaiian the other day, I found there were a couple of issues I hadn't thought about and needed to work it out before I continued on. I'm going to have to do the center part of the quilt in quarters while trying to get to the edges. This may cause problems if I don't keep my fabric, batting and backing tight enough to keep from puckering in the back or front.  So, I worked a few rows of quilting and then started to work on the edge that comes into the quilt - see photos. I need to quilt the outer part a little to be able to work with the background fabric.

As you can see: The tips meet together at some point and the echo quilting come together.

Here is the over view of the quilt as I quilt. 

This is the area I'm referring to. 

I believe my quilting stitches that were done on the "branches" will make the difference when it comes to puckering or not. I have quilted enough to know what I need to do to keep from puckering and I believe I'm doing it correctly. As you can see, my echo lines are closer together then the traditional Hawaiian quilting, but I tend to like a lot of quilting in my quilts. I do closer quilting then most, but find the closer the quilting is in quilts, the prettier and more "wow'd" one gets with the quilting.

Last week:

Last week when I wanted to do something and really didn't want to quilt, I pulled out my applique block for the SWWRDQG block of the month that I started in 2002. I finished the applique and then added embroidery to the block to give it some "wow" affect. I still need to work on the center part of the flower, and haven't decided if I want to do it in applique or embroidery. So, about the time I get these blocks done I will decide which way to go.

Finished last week -

Finished a while back.

As you can see, and if you have been reading my blog, you would know I am working on two quilts with different colors. The oranges and yellows belongs to my daughter, while the blues, purples and (ugh) pinks, belong to me.

So far this is what is completed out of the BOM project I'm doing. 


My next block......ugh

Is the Carolina Lilly and I'm really not looking forward to putting it together. I have picked some fabrics for it and have them cut, just can't get myself to go down and sit at the computer to put it together. One I do, it will go fast, since there is some applique and embroidery work that goes on after. I keep telling myself it won't kill me, and that I need to sit my butt down and work on it, but after two months you can see how far it's taken me.

Funny part is that even the laundry and vacuuming sounds like more fun than doing two of these blocks. lol I'm getting there.....have too, told myself this is the next block and I can't go on till I do them.  Okay, so why haven't I gotten down there to do them?? Hummm

That's about it for now. I'm hoping to have more stitches in on the quilt, and I seriously need to go down and do those blocks by this weekend.

OH!! I did get my "homework" for the Seabeck TAS Retreat!! I'm so excited about it. I have two blocks that I need to work on before we go in March. I'm hoping to get with the group of us that are going, and exchange some fabrics for the crazy quilt block. We also have an applique block that needs to be done, and it looks really pretty so far. Luckily I have greens for the leaves, so it should be a problem getting that done before hand. The leaves are cut in half, so I will have to piece the fabrics together before I cut them into leaves. Not a problem...the problem is the Carolina Lilly block......

Till next time...Happy Quilting.

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