Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Day at the Dentist - UGH

This morning I spend the morning in a dental chair. I had to prepare for a cap on my tooth in the back. I was not thrilled to say the least! I ended up tightening up for about 2 hours. Not the most fun I've had, but then it wasn't near as bad as it was when I had my braces taken off. That was the day I found out the doctors doing my braces didn't bother to tell me I had to see the dentist! So, 7 cavities later......Bad memory...sorry. ;-)

When I got home today, I didn't feel like doing anything - and I mean anything! It reminded me of the time I would get "depressed" and go hide on the computer. Felt that way today, and couldn't believe it affected me like that. I still have to go back in a couple weeks for the last step. Not looking forward to it.

I did work more on the cross stitch but didn't get a lot done. I am going to work on the basket block as well. I have quilting tomorrow and Friday.

I will try and mark the embroidery areas for this on Friday. Mom has the stuff I need to do this with. I would love to have it done by the weekend.

I'm going to work on this block tomorrow at our group meeting. I need to grab a few pieces of fabric to take with me. I will need to put another leaf where the one is on the basket, as I didn't do the basket part right. I needed to just do the whole basket, so I wouldn't miss any areas, but I missed where the leaf went. So now I need to cover the open area. I'm just now appliqueing the top part of the basket, so the "tips" will be cut back and covered.

I'm getting excited for the weather to cool down some, so I can pull the Hawaiian quilt out and finish the hand quilting on it. Mom's (in-laws) quilt is still at Kathleen A's. She was busy with the fairs that are going on around here. I hope we can have it back by the first of Sept.
Mom and I will do the hand quilting as soon as we get it back.

Today was a "downer" day, but hopefully tomorrow will be one of those days I'm Happy Quilting!

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